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  • SB are you trying to wind John up! You are likely now to trigger a response which includes every known stat about Hudds weight, other PL players weights, average weights, fitness methods and the dietry regimes of every Spurs player.

    This might then be followed up with the suggestion that you are wrong about Bale losing weight (with stats to prove it of course), a suggestion that you are "weightest", some bizarre reference to some rare footage of the heaviest professional player ever to have played in the UK all prefaced or ended with either IMO or AFAIK.

    There would of course also be several hyper links to various articles and websites which may or may not support all of the stats John puts forward.

    This will then spawn at least 3 other seperate posts about semi related topics all written in the same format and with the usual huge dollop of wit, charisma, humour and self depreciation and logic that John is famous for.

    What have you done!!