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  • Jlock Jlock Jul 26, 2012 09:52 Flag

    LA Galaxy

    Blinkey blimey Sfer - something irked you didn't it?

    I take it you didn't see the game either then (AFAIK, IMO, IMHO)?

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    • Speaking of other players stats and weights etc. You guys tell Boras to pull a couple of our blond female strikers in from the GB team. They try harder than our overrated male lot and rarely take a dive for camera notice. Plus the fact they're pleasing to the eye and seem very proud to be out there.
      H---S-babe was in the running for a spot, but the manager red carded her for bad language.

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      • ha ha sfer.

        that is exactly what i expected john to reply with.

        although u missed out the part where he would have said how do u know hudd weighs that amount? were u personally in the room looking at the scales whilst he stood on them?

        as for trouble maker alan. il have have u know i never swear.
        its not cool,big or clever.

        whats pardew playing up alan? he has ba & cisse yet he wants carroll back? does that mean he thinks ba is going?