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  • Jlock Jlock Jul 25, 2012 07:52 Flag

    LA Galaxy

    Anyone see the game this morning? I've just read the Yahoo and 'Spurs' reports (http://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/spurs/News/la-galaxy-vs-spurs-24072012.page?) and this one: (http://losangeles.sbnation.com/la-galaxy/2012/7/24/3185315/galaxy-vs-spurs-la-take-tottenham-to-1-1-draw-in-friendly - that made me smile.)

    The squad:
    Spurs (4-2-3-1): Cudicini; Walker (Naughton, 65), Kaboul (Dawson, 65), Vertonghen, Bassong (Assou-Ekotto, 46); Livermore (Huddlestone, 74), Sigurdsson (Carroll, 76); Townsend (Lennon, 46), van der Vaart (Jenas, 36), Bale (Bentley, 74); Defoe (Kane, 65).

    Bentley and Jenas again? That's two friendlies in which they've featured.

    The VdV and Walker injuries aren't elaborated on. Hopefully neither are too serious.

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    • Lady and Gents,

      Its my understanding, the clause that will let Ba move for £7mil, ends on Tuesday (31-7-2012) surely any club intending to make a move for him will do so very soon. Unless something has already been agreed- IE £10mil+ Ba for Carroll?

      IMO Pardew would be mad to do that.

      Its the same old problem for us, with regards to transfers- We Don't Pay the Wages. If Ba is looking to move on and we are trying to compete with the Chavs/ Liverpool, we will struggle.

      JL- I saw Jenas and Bentley got more game time! Odd, IMO they should both be forming an orderly cue for the door, but by playing them at least AVB gets to see what they offer (if he didn't already know) he also gives them a shop window for a potential move.

      What with the speculation around Luka and Niko's departure and Pienaar apparently heading back to Toffeeland, then he needs to either move Jenas/Bentley on quickly and replace them or work out how to use them.

      IMO, The recent publicity from Luka and Niko, is far more damaging for us with regards to future transfers than anything Harry did or didn't do- I had numerous issues with the decisions Harry made and I think Levy and the board had little choice but to remove him from his position. CL football will make a difference- some players demand it- other will demand huge wages neither of which we can offer.

      I think we all need to move on from Harry's departure, its done- Whilst he did do a lot to improve us, he also made errors, on the whole I will look at his time with us and try and focus on the positives. Now can we start looking to the future as constantly looking back won't achieve anything- especially as none of us have the full facts.

      I think Levy is now playing a very dangerous game- If the statement made by Niko has any truth to it, then this could impact other players moving to us in the future.

      Anxiety is building- IMO we need to push on with restructuring our squad- those who need to or want to go should be moved on asap- giving AVB as much time as possible to replace and tweak as is necessary.


    • Yep, I reckon you're right regarding Pardew's thinking. He wants Carroll back but only if he gets the right cash for Ba. It's a gamble if it comes off because the foundation is well set, feeding Carroll would be a complete different ball game---as well Roy Rogers knows.

    • "(Huddlestone, 74)" is that how much stone he weighs, after the year off he has had!

      bales gone too drastic lengths to make himself more aerodynamic & even faster than he was!


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      • SB are you trying to wind John up! You are likely now to trigger a response which includes every known stat about Hudds weight, other PL players weights, average weights, fitness methods and the dietry regimes of every Spurs player.

        This might then be followed up with the suggestion that you are wrong about Bale losing weight (with stats to prove it of course), a suggestion that you are "weightest", some bizarre reference to some rare footage of the heaviest professional player ever to have played in the UK all prefaced or ended with either IMO or AFAIK.

        There would of course also be several hyper links to various articles and websites which may or may not support all of the stats John puts forward.

        This will then spawn at least 3 other seperate posts about semi related topics all written in the same format and with the usual huge dollop of wit, charisma, humour and self depreciation and logic that John is famous for.

        What have you done!!