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  • Sfer Sfer Jul 27, 2012 09:27 Flag

    Are you worried?

    3 weeks tomorrow we kick off and we currently have Defoe and Kane as our only recognised strikers. Even if we announce next week we have signed someone will that be enough time for them to hit the ground running and scoring goals?

    Why do we always seem to dither during the transfer windows? Even Pool have bought a new striker, and very early, and they weren't short of strikers anyway. We knew the window opening and closing dates a long time ago so shouldn't we have identified a list of who we wanted and done the deal ages ago? Of course a list does not mean we will get the one we want but FFS surely we have to believe one or two on such a list might be interested in signing for us otherwise what is the point of a list.

    I think the only team in the PL that could be worse off than us at the moment in terms of new signings (and losing existing players) is Everton. Scoring goals has been our problem for ages and everyone knows that. Creating chances we can do but we need a recognised goal scorer desperately. Are we seriously going to kick off with Defoe and VDV up front or Defoe and Kane????

    I don't mind admitting, I am worried and very frustrated. It seems there are more stories about who might be leaving than joining. Is the result of missing out on CL football? It has to be a big part of why we are in this position. Thanks Arry!

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    • It doesn't seem that AVB is.

      Obviously none of us know what his 'brief' was when he was appointed and what targets have been set, but I think he's now said on a couple of occasions that the title is in reach (see http://www.sport360.com/article/tottenham-looking-different-options-adebayor-demands-derail-move).

      Hopefully he's talking from a position of confidence and knows the players who are still to be brought in before the start of the season (or at least before the end of the transfer season).

    • ...and how with the squad we had how we'd be lucky to finish in the Europa places. And then it all becomes '....but 'arry failed us because he didn't get 3rd....'.

      Good job, I've got a brain like a gold fish, as I'm quite happy to have the same 'new' conversation over and over.

      But irrespective of all that, the striker situation is a concern - but there is still another month to get something sorted. A lot can happen in a month as we've seen in the past. I'd like to think that they are also looking at the keeper situation and maybe some wide cover.
      If you look at who we had in the squad at the start of last season, and think we need replacements for those who have gone:

      If Caulker stays around, then with Vertonghen then maybe CB is ok even if Gallas goes. RB seems short, but again if Naughton is back. Krancjar/Gylfi seems ok. So with Ade and Saha coming and going we're still left with a 2 striker gap in the squad.

    • Hello Sfer.
      I wasn't worried when the Modric to Real story broke because I thought ok at least we'll get the cash and get 3 decent players for that money. But as usual the whole thing becomes a convoluted saga because Levy is still valuing a player on the season BEFORE last not last season. Now as you quite rightly say we'll end up trying to get deals done at the 11th hour, the season will have kicked off and we'll have shipped points already.

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      • Graeme, just over two weeks til kick off and I am getting very worried. Modric will happen but we need to know how much for before we can spend so GET THE DEAL DONE LEVY!!!

        Now it seems we are going for an unknown Pool teenage winger for £7.5 Mill - why? OK we need cover for Lennon but surely we should be concentrating on getting cover (actually its not even cover is it - its first string) in positions that we are woefully short.

        The longer this goes on the more I think Levy is a bookkeeper and not the visionary that we need to pull us through into a top 4 club.

    • Ignore it SB PLEASE. Every time he posts he just proves more and more what an idiot he is.

    • Do you really believe that 'arry didn't try to win games?
      You just cannot be serious . The man only played attacking football. It's like accusing Bill Gates of being a Luddite.

      How many times in your life have you seen Spurs have 39 points half way through the season?
      How many times times have you seen Spurs get 30 points in half a season?
      How many times in your life have you seen us play CL football?
      How many times in your life have you seen us beat the Chavs, Woolwich, Pool?

      I find it odd how people 'Look Back In Anger' at a period that was the best in decades of football at the Lane. And that isn't IMHO. I'd be happy if Mr B does the same - and with the same style.

    • Yes (see the 'To Ade Or Not To Ade' thread). Ade was supposed to be a done deal, but then became a small blip on the edge of the radar.
      Saha was let go.
      Two Saints is allegedly talking to Spanish clubs.

      Daffy in anything other than a 2 up front hasn't appeared to work. I just don't see the man as a lone striker and if AVB likes playing a 4-2-3-1, then I would guess that will be with VdV playing behind

      I take it your 'Thanks 'arry' jibe was trying to elicit a response? ;-) - see it made me smile! If not having CL football really effects it that much, I wonder how we managed to get 4-5-4 under 'arry - as we never had CL football for 'arry to build on. So thanks 'arry.

      I think the negative press from Modric and now the Krancjar comments re Levy could have an adverse effect - or at least make prospective players very careful over any contracts signed.