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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Jul 29, 2012 00:16 Flag

    It Wasn't Pretty

    0-0 in a friendly with L'pool.

    I'll preface by saying it was around 35C bloody hot in other words), so i expected the game to be played at a canter (and that was when they were at top speed!).

    Can't really say anyone showed me anything, good or bad (on either team...except that, that git Adam's gone done Bale's ankle again...just as our lad was getting into gear and giving their back line fits). Oh and another "bad"...Lennon hitting the post from like 3-inches. Alas, that was as close as anyone came this afternoon (haven't been in the stands for a scoreless draw in an age).

    Good to see Dawson and Huddlestone back. THudd was knocking the passes around like he'd never been away (except for that one 40-yarder that he put over Townsend's head.
    Speaking of Townsend, he seemed a bit more inspired than Lennon out wide (that was until this 2nd-stringer kid for "them" stopped him 3 times in a row...AVB switched him to the other wing after the third one.

    So, in closing; we left gaping gaps in the midfield (no industrious Modric to fill those gaps...Sigurdsson is not the answer...didn't even know he was playing until he was subbed. No Defoe and no VDV today either. (Saving them for Tuesday against the Red Bulls, I suspect).

    Oh...and we were vastly outnumbered by the Reds fans today (even in our own end...for shame...had to hang my head...still, a good advert for the Prem over here...42,000+ attended.

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    • I see from the squad sheet that Jenas and Bentley got about half an hour each as well.
      Daffy is on leave of absence - I don''t think he's returned to the squad following his cousin's death, so it's probably doubtful that he'll be available for the next game on the tour.
      AVB seems a bit pee'd off by the Adam tackle on Bale - although it was dodgy, it didn't appear to be as bad as his previous 'let's stop Bale by kicking him' challenge. They reported that Bale is in a protective boot - which is hopefully only a precautionary measure and he''ll be available (along with VdV) for the last game.

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      • Apparently the scan was clear, so that's a good thing.

        Oh, and another 4.5 mil in the kitty with the sale of Pienaar back to Everton (we could give them a tip about bringing players back ;-)

        Now for that cheeky bid to Man U and get Berbs back for 5 mil (and I'm only half kidding there).

        Honest truth though...we need more industry in the middle of the park; it's lucky we were only playing 21st Century Liverpool