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  • Obviously you along with the other sceptics/critics could not have heard the
    statement i did on talksport issued by THFC.
    This explained the G BALE situation and was very critical of the bad press/tv coverage that SPURS have had.

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    • The snippet i heard was that Bale was part of the team, he pulled out through injury and then played (maybe scored as well) for Spurs.

      By all means enlighten me on any other facts about this sage but all i have heard is this so far.

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      • Bale got injured; Pearce's medical team saw the scans and decided not to select him for Team GB as he wasn't fit. AVB wanted Bale to join the squad on tour regardless for 'bonding' etc etc, but Bale recovered faster than anticipated and as a result played for Spurs (similar scenario with Walker).

        The decision was made playing for a while would be good for his recovery, but obviously it wasn't (similar scenario with Walker and VdV).

        The end.

        Except for the alleged venom behind Adams's tackle - I've not seen it, so I don''t know, but I was under the impression that friendlies are like training matches, where you don't really challenge. And now Bale has openly said he's been told Adams's was out to get him, so the FA are obliged to investigate.

        The end.