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  • Well, the report is there for all to read so i wont go too deeply into this.
    Red Bulls have an important game against a surging and second-place (behind them) Houston Dynamo's team...and while i don't rate MLS, any manager worth his salt is going to place more importance on a league game than a friendly exhibition.

    So with that preamble, i couldn't believe we were a goal down. Our new CB was clumsy in giving away a penalty in the early going. going behind had us wake up a bit...but by the half, it was there to see...the only stat that mattered...down 1-0 (oh, they had only the one shot in the first half).

    Bale's header...nice one and Sigurdsson's winner (not as world class as the article would have you believe...defender closest to him not only dropped off, but left him totally unattended by going off to mark someone else (not sure who, but, Siggi had the ball...second defender came at him left to right which made cutting back the other way, not only easy, but pretty much the only thing he could do...strike was decisive though). couple of good saves from there keeper kept the score decent.

    So...who did what?
    For the second game AVB put Bassong on the flank (I guess he reckons he can't do too much damage out there...HAH!).

    Bale played CF...scored on a classic Bale header...other than that, I doubt that he's the answer to our striker woes.

    Lennon's lost his mojo...couldn't get around anyone on the night, so resorted to dumping the ball off.

    Bentley suffers from a serious lack of pace...made space for himself with some trickery on a number of occasions, but couldn't get away from his beaten marker; and he's forgotten how to cross a ball (wasn't that why we got him?)

    Jenas got the mid-field moving a bit (just a bit).

    Scudd - not enough urgency or bite...still our best long passer; although I have to say Dawson seems to have found his range again...compared to Saturday's match

    Kane - Naw...not boisterous enough, bit lightweight for a No. 9, for me.

    Carroll - runs about a bit aimlessly with and without the ball, but did hook up nicely with Kane in the second half on one move.

    Walker - solid but unspectacular

    BAE - in the 1st half, he was the only one who seemed to be able to beat a player...and he actually tackled a few times...yes folks, BAE can tackle...WOW! (still, he won't win Sfer over)

    Livermore - did his job (as did Gallas when he came on).

    Gomes - the dubious distinction of being the only one of the 3 keepers that started on this tour to give up a goal (I'll give him a break as it was a penalty...he went the wrong way). He had very little to do otherwise.

    Naughton - decent job for the time he was on in the 2nd, played a pretty defensive RB role (more tackles...and then distribute).

    Not sure if there are anymore friendlies back home before seasons start, but if there aren't, anyone new (and we all knwo we need a striker) is going to get dropped right in it, no match fitness or synergy with teammates...(and did I hear we turned down a 38 mil offer from Madrid for Modric? Madness if true!).

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    • Thanks for the report Rambro. I suppose this is what happens when a new manager comes in - he gives everybody a fresh chance to stake a place. Unfortunately, given how short time is before the 18th, that means we are keeping our fingers crossed that somebody who has been on the sidelines for good reason (Bentley, Jenas etc) suddenly becomes a better player OR that one of the youngsters steps up to the plate. Personally I don't see either of those happening.

      Meanwhile, we sell another player, Piennar, still know that Modric will go at some point, have one recognised striker at the club (shorthouse Defoe) and what else!!!!!! Oh yeah......BAE asking for more money because he is so worth it!!!!

      I REALLY don't like the way this is going. I could be wrong of course (unlike some I am happy to admit that I am) but I have this sense of dread about the start of next season. It looks very much like we will go into it with a smaller and weaker squad than we had at the end of last season. I would have thought that AVB would have insisted on some money to spend and that he would have brought somebody (another striker preferably) in well before now.

      If AVB or Levy honestly think that Bentley or Jenas or Kane or Carroll or Townsend, or whoever else is on the fringes, is the answer, well I for one am very worried indeed.

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      • Sfer,

        I agree regarding Jenas and Bentley, I think they both need to move on, for their own sake as well as ours, I'd hate to hear them boo'd or at least moaned at, as Palacios was last season. Maybe AVB believes that by playing them in friendlies, he's at least giving them a shop window? they are both premiership players, just not top 4 EPL players and therefore its time to go.

        Personally I could see Livermore stepping up, but currently our CM's are Sandro, Parker, Hudds, Livermore, Gylfi (if used as a CM), Possibly VDV (he's a CM for Holland, when he's picked), we still need more bodies in there, again I agree Carroll is not ready. Am I forgetting someone? that seems very few CM's in comparison to last season.

        Maybe BAE is looking at the competition ie: Rose, Bassong, and realises just how important he will be? Although I hadn't heard he's after more bunce.

        Maybe I am putting too much faith in Levy, but surely he has deals in place that will see our squad strengthen?

        IMO we must sign another 1x CM, 2x CF at least and we should be signing GK, LB-cover, CB to be safe. Potentially we need an additional 4 players.

        The squad is looking dangerously thin, but there is still time, we still have 2 friendlies left and 17 days before the first EPL game, but will that be enough time to 'gel'?

        Things need to start happening, if they haven't already- Why bring in new management and coaching staff if the squad is not up to the job? Unless Levy has told AVB to drastically change expectations and top half is good enough!?- I hope not, because that for me, would be enough of a reason to remove Levy (if that's possible)

        God Knows! actually he probably doesn't, lets just hope Levy does!


    • ...PS....from the Spurs web site - other friendlies still to come:
      August 5 2012 15:00 (GMT) Watford (Vicarage Rd)

      August 9 2012 22:00 (CET) / 21:00 (GMT) Valencia (Mestalla, Valencia)

      ...and that seems to be it.

    • Cheers for that Rambro.

      Spurs (4-2-3-1): Gomes; Walker (Naughton, 60), Dawson, vertonghen (Gallas, 46), Assou-Ekotto (Bassong, 83); Huddlestone (Jenas, 46), Livermore (Carroll, 61); Lennon (Smith, 83), Sigurdsson (Kaboul, 83), Bentley (Kane, 46); Bale (Townsend, 74).

      I had read that Bale was likely to start - but not that he was to start as the striker. I'm not sure what Daffy hasn't rejoined the tour.
      Bentley, Jenas AND Gomes..

      I hadn't seen that we'd turned down £36m from Real for Modric. The concern for me then is that if Modders doesn't go, he won't be ready for the start of the season anyway. And now we need a replacement for Pienaar as well to get the squad back to 'strength' - Krancjar and Pienaar gone with Gylfi in.

      There seems to be a lot to get done in the transfer market before the 18th (2 weeks +) - hopefully things are moving behind the scenes. Unless Levy/AVB are using the change in regime to clear our the squad and fill the gaps with the likes of Carroll,Kane and Caulker?