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  • Not sure who else has heard of this guy, but he is very good from the little I have seen.

    He's currently at Madrid, where he's bit part at best. They play him in central midfield, I believe. But for Turkey he seems to play anywhere in midfield. He would tick so many boxes for us- he'd act as a Luka replacement, he can play wide right, should Lennon be off form or injured, he can play wide left should Bale be injured and he's pretty clinical in front of goal.

    If Luka is going and IMO he needs to go ASAP, then why not, let Luka go for £30mil and get this guy in as well! It seems to make sense all round and Maureen has said today that, Sahin is free to go!!!

    Come on LEVY, its oh so simple!! get busy!


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