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  • Sfer Sfer Aug 10, 2012 16:37 Flag

    Officially - this is crazy!

    Hi lts, I have just spoken to a fellow Spurs fan who watched last night and he said pretty much the same thing. I just don't get it......even if we got a striker now its likely that it would take a few games for them to hit their stride and we have Newcastle, West Brom and Norwich coming up (ordinarily you would want at least 8 points from those games) so if we don't take points at these we are up against it in the first few weeks.

    There is every chance that next Sat we will be starting the match with Defoe up front on his own and if that happens we deserve to be the laughing stock that we will be IMO. Top 4?? Yeah right!

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    • Mmm... I agree it seems surprising, BUT we were all saying worse this time last season & look where we were by the next transfer window.

      I may sound naive, I just get a bit frustrated by this much negativity a week before the season's started and nearly 3 weeks before the window closes. It would be really interesting to see if we are bringing some of the young'uns through, many of us have previously identified that as something we've not been strong enough with, I'd be curious to see how they settle. And whatever happens, it'll be a helluva ride!

      Also Sfer, the pedant in me can't resist... you mean 7 points, yeah? If we can get 8/9 we'd be Man U & have 'one for luck'!! ;-)

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      • I don't mean to be negative nbr but for a team that finished 4th last year and pretentions of doing as well, if not better, this year - to start the season with a VERY unproven 19 year old and a midget (albeit a good proven goalscoring one) up front is ridiculous.

        We should be expecting a point from the Newcastle game and wins at Norwich and West Brom shouldn't we? So yes 7 points - why not? But will we get them if we can't score goals? Unlikely eh!

        Instead I read this moring AVB is after TWO more midfielders - I don't know about the rest of you but I think AVB has been watching too much Barcelona and he is thinking who needs strikers!! I am VERY worried.