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  • Sfer Sfer Aug 10, 2012 11:04 Flag

    Officially - this is crazy!

    One week to go.......only one 4'9" striker at the club and the last friendly game before the season starts and we are playing players that could not even get in the squad last season. WTF is going on????

    I was worried before, then frustrated - now I am just getting angry.

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    • and one old scrote on a message board!!

    • 11 days.
      This isn't meant as an 'arry debate - just starting by pointing out that the transfer 'issue' (like the striker issue, and the Jenas/Bentley 'deadwood).....keeper...etc) aren't new.

      In the past 'arry was criticised here for failing to bring in players during the transfer windows.
      'Arry did make a comment about free transfers after being sacked (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/tottenham-hotspur/9333757/Harry-Redknapp-Tottenham-hierarchy-did-not-like-me.html) - I'm not sure if he was implying any more than he said there.

      Irrespective, since that transfer window (Jan this year), we have moved on Pienarr, Pav, Corluka, Krancjar, Keane and saved on King. We have brought in Sigurdsson and Vertonghen - both appear to be Levy (or maybe 'arry) buys.

      If this site is correct, the books roughly balanced since 'arry - but we seemed to spend heavily before that.

      I know we have had a few expenses - £30M (?) training ground, and the abortive attempt at bidding for the Olympic stadium - and we have the new stadium still in the wings.

      So has the 'perceived change' in the transfer market been caused by Levy/the Board being cautious in light of the expenses incurred/due to be incurred?

      From the transfer site, it seems that the sale of players funded the two new players coming in and with some left over, so presumably the sale of Modric isn't dictating the potential purchase of a striker?

      Maybe it's all as said before, that transfers are a tricky business and rely upon more than just nipping down the shop and buying someone.
      - The player has to want to come to Spurs
      - They must fit our wage structure
      - They must be a player the manager (or Levy?) wants
      - They must be of a price that works
      - They must fit Levy's/the Board's player profile

      Ditto for outgoing players.
      Obviously somebody wanted Palacios, Pav, Keane, Corluka...blah blah. But the longer it goes on, will players like Jenas/Bentley ever find a club that's interested in them (especially as the 'buying' club will have their own criteria like the above) - or given their pitch time in pre-season, are they even up for sale?

      I just can't fathom where the 'transfer' issue is - as it again isn't 'new'. I'm tempted to think that it's still the combination - the training ground, new stadium costs, then effecting how much we're willing to pay and how reticent we are in raising the pay ceiling. I also think that Levy wants to get back to the 'earlier' Comolli model of buying young and selling at a profit (Levy seemed more than just involved in the two new signings so far) - so the chances of picking up 'older' players that may have little or no re-sale value is unlikely. Time will tell I suppose.

      After saying that, I expect to see that we've now signed Ade - Damiao up front and that Modric is now staying.

    • I'll defer to you guys on Naughton, not really seen much of him tbh....but yes, lets give him a chance as cover...
      think we'll miss Krancjar, can't understand that sale at all...
      I'd give Gallas another year as 5th choice, I never want to see Bassong anywhere near WHL again...totally agree on the other deadwood to sell, what are we playing at?!!
      think we have to agree to disagree SB on Corluka...agree it was right to sell him, he would clearly never displace Walker...I think he's a quality defensive RB and served us well...perhaps the slower pace of German football will suit him... at least we did sell him when we didn't need him, unlke these others we're all sick of!
      please buy some strikers now!

    • joe. id like defoe up front with either damiao or llorente.
      3rd choice is huntelaar.

      agree on naughton. may as well give him a choice to be cover.

      looks like modric is going for just 27.5m.
      looks like levy playing hardball has lost us 12.5m!

      not the sort of money we can afford to lose.

      no wonder we are miles away from getting a new stadium.
      we also seem to be happy to keep deadwood & waste a fortune on their wages.

      i hope we have a few deals agreed too.

      who knows, maybe on friday we will announce the signings of damiao, moutinho & butland!

    • Well put Jimmy,

      You have pretty much encapsulated my feelings regarding the non-transfer saga thus far. Each day I keep thinking, it must be today, we must be about to sign 4-5 players.

      We need 2 x CF, Huntlaar, Dimano, Sturridge, Llorente- any two would do and I'm sure we could all add to that list.

      We need 1 x CM- a creative one, I agree selling Niko before Luka was a mistake, not that he's a better player, because clearly he isn't, but more so, because he is the most natural replacement we had, the same goes for Pienaar, either is better suited to Lukas role than VDV, who just doesn't have the engine. Gylfi may be able to play there, we'll see.

      IMO we need another quality defender, Bassong and Gallas need to leave, not good enough and to old. That leaves us with Daws, Kaboul, Jan and Caulker, 1 injury and we will look thin, especially as Kaboul is our second choice RB. Naughton is tested, he was quality at Norwich last season and I hope he is given a chance, IMO he is better than Rose and is more versatile.

      We also need a GK, as SB says, Brad has been good, but he is old, why not compliment him with some youth and get rid of Gomes, I'm sure there's a circus out there who would love to have him.

      I want to have faith in Levy and AVB, that there are deals done that are waiting to be announced, but I don't know weather that's me being overtly optimistic? please let there be deals already done and Levy isn't hinging everything on the Luka to Real deal.


    • hey jimmy. i didnt make myself clear, sorry!

      i meant to say chelsea will be ahead of us as normal.
      i dont think they will be as bad as they we're last season in the league.

      far too early, but id say utd & city fighting for 1st.
      & chelsea & arsenal fighting for 3rd.
      us & liverpool fighting for 5th.
      but far too early to say.

      also, i didnt mean we have got rid of the deadwood.
      i was just trying to think of anything positive i could!
      clutching at straws i know!
      i see corluka as deadwood as he makes a lot of defensive errors.
      kaboul can cover there & is no worse than corluka was.

      but as iv said for ages, we take far too long to get rid of deadwood. levy over values all our players.
      he may get a few extra mill for our good players.
      but i believe he loses as much on deadwood he fails to sell due to him over pricing them.
      dont forget the cost of their wages as well as the drop in value as u mentioned.
      personally id keep dos santos now that harry has gone.
      he should have been sent on loan to another premiership team when he 1st came here to get him settled in.
      bentley,gomes,jenas & bassong should all go!
      id get rid of gallas too.

      so not enough good signings, a loss of 2 key players & failed to get rid of all the deadwood.

    • SB, I too find our lack of purchasing absolutely baffling....I have no idea what we're thinking, I keep expecting some massive surprise every day, like Ardlies & Villa..but nothing so far and its getting late..
      but how did Chelsea finish ahead of us last season, we stuffed them in the league, was it 5 pts...and by a strange quirk failed to qualify for the CL..
      and what deadwood have we got rid off? we still have Gomes, Bassong, Dos Santos, Bentley & Jenas..while their value drops year by year...so happy to see Pienaar go, the only deadwood who's actually left, but Krancjar was a mistake, he could have filled the Modric role adequately leaving us the cash for more obvious holes...also Corluka, an admittedly expensive but great backup for Kyle Walker...perhaps too good to be a reserve but Naughton is untested...I think I've probably forgotten someone...
      unless Spurs are very good suddenly at keeping transfer dealings under their hat, we could have some serious problems very soon...

    • Hi Sfer, I watched the game last night and although we lost 2-0 I thought we played some good stuff at times. 2 defensive errors cost us dearly. 1st both CB's sat back and let the guy shoot, 2nd A-E was out of position and although Vertonghen tried to cover the run the guy get his shot away across Friedel and into the far corner of the net. Could Vert have stopped the shot or should Friedel have done better??
      Anyway there were times when we created chances but didn't have anyone capable of converting them. Their keeper made some good saves, whereas our's didn't. Their strikers hit the net whereas our's couldn't!!
      Certainly we need a new keeper and at least 2 goal scorers. I think we could of won last night if that was the scenario.
      Roll on Levy getting these in MUCHO PRONTO !!

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      • Hi lts, I have just spoken to a fellow Spurs fan who watched last night and he said pretty much the same thing. I just don't get it......even if we got a striker now its likely that it would take a few games for them to hit their stride and we have Newcastle, West Brom and Norwich coming up (ordinarily you would want at least 8 points from those games) so if we don't take points at these we are up against it in the first few weeks.

        There is every chance that next Sat we will be starting the match with Defoe up front on his own and if that happens we deserve to be the laughing stock that we will be IMO. Top 4?? Yeah right!

    • It is a crazy situation i was just reading that the Adebayor deal is done but is being held up with argument with Adebayor and City over a contract termination fee seems Adebayor is quite happy to sit in the City reserves till he gets his money which IMO is just beyond me i cannot belive the greed of some players.

      We seem to have developed a bad habbit in transfer windows of not doing our business nice and early and hitting the panic button on the last day of the window.