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  • Joe Joe Aug 15, 2012 21:50 Flag

    Jermain Defoe

    Defoe is playing superbly against Italy,

    Ok its a friendly, but as our only proven striker its nice to see him on form. Lets hope Levy/AVB have a more physically assertive player to partner him on the way in! Llorente, maybe I'm dreamin?

    Also, congrats and well done to Jake Livermore, England debut and looking good even with his bleached strip!- erck.


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    • u can imagine what harry would have done after defoes stunner for england..... thats right, drop him for vdv.
      then when we need a goal....thats right, leave him on the bench!

      well done to defoe. englands most natural finisher & goal poacher.

      i want defoe & either llronte or damiao!

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      • Not again SB.

        AFAIK no big club has made an offer for Daffy - so it's relatively easy to be 'loyal' when you're not being offered £xxxk pw or to play for Madrid.
        When Daffy doesn't play, the rumours start about him leaving to get pitch time. Have you all such short memories? Didn't he once play for us and left for Pompey - see http://www.metro.co.uk/sport/football/91143-defoe-leaves-spurs-for-9m ? Isn't he saying the same now?
        I don't most players are 'loyal'. I think most would change clubs if the deal was right. It's just that the offers for Modric have happened. Daffy hasn't been subject to any that would turn his head. Even now, with the rumour mill in full flow, do you see Utd or Citeh or the Chavs or... in for Daffy? No? Why do you think that is? I read that Sunderland may be interested though.

        It isn't only 'arry who didn't play him. You have to remember that 'arry LIKED Daffy, and took him to Pompey (see above), and brought him back to Spurs. But even 'arry couldn't use him consistently. Jol didn't use him. Ramos didn't use him. Capello didn't use him. Hodgson hasn't used him. (I use 'use' there to be the first choice striker). Is that a coincidence or is it because:

        Daffy - the facts:
        He is not a prolific goalscorer. He scores, what?, 14 goals per season on average? I agree that he scores. No argument from me there. Can you point out the best seasons he's had in the EPL? - I bet the one you'll throw up is the 18 - but in that season he hit 5 against Wigan. So although that is an achievement, it still only got 3 points and if you factor that one exceptional big score out, he's back down to his average again.

        He does not assist anyone. He has, what?, 30 assists in his whole career?

        Daffy the perception:
        He is one dimensional (which is difficult in a 3d world) - he does not hold the ball up - he plays on the shoulder.
        He doesn't work back.
        He isn't a 'lone striker' type of player, so doesn't really fit unless you play a pair up front.

        To compare Daffy (who is only a goalscorer) to VdV (who is a midfielder) is odd - but if you look at the goal scoring records, they both have roughly the same goals per game. BUT where Daffy has 30+ assists in his whole career, VdV has 100+.
        (see http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/basics/spielervergleich/basics_3875_4192.html). VDV has played against the best and still managed to score and create chances. So who would you rather have? I'd pick VdV personally if I had to chose between the two. Vdv scores, creates chances, holds the ball, brings dead ball skills and is in general a good midfielder - Daffy is just a striker.
        Also - if you're alluding to the Villa game , then AFAIK Daffy has never scored a goal from a corner (ever - in his whole career) and only 5 with his head - ever. So would you use Daffy (in a game compressed in Villa's final third with no space to run off the shoulder anyway), in a game where you had 19 corners? Let me think about that...Would I play VdV who creates, works in midfield, scores from all over the pitch and is good at dead balls as well....?

        Now you can say '...look at delusional John, quoting nonsensical stats again....'. ;-).

        You do make me smile.