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  • If only Luka Modric showed the same sort of loyalty has Jermain Defoe he might come out with some credit, Defoe does not want to leave his beloved Spurs, he hardly figured in Harrys team last year and still scored 17 goals, he clearly wants to stay and be part of the set up and does not want to warm the bench as he has to much to offer, Modric however who lets be fair is a quality player, but for me he should be scoring 10-12 goals a season instead of his meagre 4 which seems to be about average for his time here.
    To be honest i am sick and tired of this story now and when you here former players feeling sorry for him because he cannot get his own way with the move it makes my blood boil, if he wants away and we cannot agree a fee let him make up the difference out of his own pocket if he wants it that badly lets say Real Madrid offered 34 million and we want 40 million let him go and make him pay the 6 million himself im sure he can afford it.
    I hope Jermain stays i would hate him to play against us with another premiership side he will always score as he did when we let him go to Portsmouth before. Bye Bye Modric thanks for your service but your loyalty stinks!

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    • Defoe is playing superbly against Italy,

      Ok its a friendly, but as our only proven striker its nice to see him on form. Lets hope Levy/AVB have a more physically assertive player to partner him on the way in! Llorente, maybe I'm dreamin?

      Also, congrats and well done to Jake Livermore, England debut and looking good even with his bleached strip!- erck.