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  • Robert Robert Aug 19, 2012 08:14 Flag

    Encouraging Start

    Obviously not the result. Great organisation, movement and work rate.Very promising start to the season. Dominated the game in the first half, unlucky not to have been in front at the break.

    Badly missed Modric though. Need to get a little more imagination in the center of the park. Hope they sort that out.

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    • I was sat with Harry in the Sir John Hall stand watching the game. He said to me-- "why the fuskc didn't I come to this fabulous place when you guys asked me to a few years back."

    • With a new manager, potential change of style,the obvious striker issues, Modric etc, the performance was better than I had thought/hoped.
      On the basis of win the homes, draw the aways, it was only a point lost - it may be a point needed at the end of the season, but that's a long way off.
      At least Pool and Woolwich stuttered as well. Woolwich now having lost Song could be telling.

      AVB needs time, the same as any other manager. A couple of seasons means he has a chance to get 'his' style of player in and get his method ingrained - as Sigurdsson and Vertonghen appeared to be more Levy (and 'arry for Vertonghen going by when the rumours started) than AVB. I would like to know what the targets for the team are this season, and how long Levy and the board have given AVB to get it 'right'.