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  • Paul Paul Aug 21, 2012 13:55 Flag

    bassgone (im so funny) & other news

    yep, got to admit I'm chuffed Bassong has gone...and so quickly! :) you're right, he never looked confident...seemed a bit soft physically and mentally...(I know Gallas has basically had it but I'd much rather have him as our occasional 5th choice)
    which you could never say of Dawson...that'd be a terrible sale, he's the heart of this team!
    I still can't figure out Hudd's place in the team, dont want to see him go at all but not sure how he fits and who he'd play alongside to make us 'work'...very good player but not quick enough
    as to new signings, I've given up wondering and expecting the worst!
    and WHY is Gomes still with us? give him away!!