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  • Layla Layla Aug 21, 2012 12:42 Flag

    bassgone (im so funny) & other news

    bassong has just signed for norwich to be reunited with chris hughton, & apparently it feels so good.

    glad to get rid of some more deadwood. i actually think he could be a good CB if it wasnt for his mental side. he is mentally flaky, makes bad defensive decisions like positioning & when to commit etc, & also seems very unconfident & lacking in belief of his ability. but he will never rectify all of that so im glad to get rid of him. will be a decent player for norwich. good luck to him at norwich. hope he does well.

    other rumours-
    stoke want hudd on a season loan. personally id sell him but a loan is the next best thing. would be a decent player at a mid table team. but not good enough for us. would be a good signing for stoke what with their long ball & high crosses game. hudd could put some long balls in to the box right on crouchys head.

    dawson not in avb plans. qpr sniffing around. hope this isnt true! whether or not u want dawson as 1 of the 2 first choice CBs, theres no getting away from the fact he is a good player who would be great at the very least as cover & very well worth keeping!

    ade still been too greedy. self explanatory!
    we might turn our attentions to dzeko instead. i cant see this being true what with aguero out injured for a while.

    modric- deal getting closer. still lots of huge difference in opinions from the media on what price is close to being agreed. iv read as low as 23m & as high as 38m.

    llorente- apparently there has been a firm offer by a premiership team. hopefully us!

    damiao- interest from us but seems he has much better teams interested too.

    carroll- we went for him just before he signed for liverpool. rodgers doesnt want him. whispers getting louder that we will turn to him if we cant get ade.

    a johnson- not in favour with mancini. so we are rumoured to be interested in signing him to compete with lennon on the RW. city seem happy with £10m. seems a bargin to me.

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    • yep, got to admit I'm chuffed Bassong has gone...and so quickly! :) you're right, he never looked confident...seemed a bit soft physically and mentally...(I know Gallas has basically had it but I'd much rather have him as our occasional 5th choice)
      which you could never say of Dawson...that'd be a terrible sale, he's the heart of this team!
      I still can't figure out Hudd's place in the team, dont want to see him go at all but not sure how he fits and who he'd play alongside to make us 'work'...very good player but not quick enough
      as to new signings, I've given up wondering and expecting the worst!
      and WHY is Gomes still with us? give him away!!