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  • Probably means they think Caulker's ready for the big time...or close to it. Be a shame to Daws go under any circumstance, but it would be more of an impact if Walker, er, walked, seeing as we don't really have another true RB (ok, maybe Naughton, but what's been happening with him, since the Norwich loan last season?).

    Bright side...Bassong's gone and Ade's ante'd up and joined us!

    Keep Dawson if we can, but if not, I for one wish the lad well (except for at least 2 games a season where he can go get himself sent off - against us...wicked grin!)

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    • i was hoping it was media rubbish. but yep, dawson is joining qpr. thats a bargin & a great signing for them.

      i dont know what avb is thinking. but to be fair, he prefered kalou to drogba!

      i would have let gallas & bassong go. keep dawson.

      unless dawson demanded to go for 1st team football, then its a bad decision.

      good luck to him. a big heart. never as good as ledders but still a good CB. his lack of pace does worry me thou.
      i think caulker will turn in to a better all round CB than dawson.
      maybe avb is thinking he is very injury prone & we have enough cover.

      naughton has signed a new contract rambro. so is in avbs plans. he deserves a crack!

      agreed rambro. good luck dawson!

      yep, ade has signed! id prefer llorente or damiao but happy with ade especially for just 5m.
      17 goals & 11 assists in the league isnt to be sniffed at.