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  • Graeme,
    I think the AVB or Levy bit so far has largely been answered in the transfers 'so far'. I don't think AVB was around for Krancjar, Corluka, Vertonghen, Saha, Nelsen. The Ade saga was ongoing as was Sigurdsson and Pienarr.
    So so far, I don't think I have seen a 'true' AVB sale/buy. Damiao was already linked and 'worked' on prior to AVB.
    Whether Levy's hand is seen in the Daws/T'Hudd rumours is the bit that is debatable to me.
    I'm not sure the team hasn't changed much - maybe the first 11 is relatively static (2 new players so far), BUT, the effect on the squad is marked. The squad will be used.
    We used Bassong, King, Gallas, Kaboul, Daws (played 13 games, 17 squads), Nelsen at CB last season - although injuries hit quite hard. In midfield, Krancjar, Corluka, T'Hudd - played first 4 games and Pienaar were all used. We also used Pav and Saha up front. So far, from those we have lost Pav, Saha, King, Nelsen, Corluka, Pienaar and Krancjar with rumours of Daws and T'Hudd going. We have added two players.
    To me the squad is diminished at this point with 8 days to go. Panic? No, but if T'Hudd and Daws do go, I think it's a large hole in the squad. Especially if you start looking at the 25 man squad and 8 homegrowns. From the homegrwons we may end up losing King, Daws, T'Hudd - and I still don't see Jenas or Bentley featuring either personally (they didn't feature last season did they?) - and the rumours also remain about Daffy going as well. The homegrown element may look thin even with Caulker, Parker, Livermore, Bale, Walker, Naughton, Rose, Lennon.
    So the confusion to me is the squad. Why sell players who featured and keep two who didn't feature at all? Why sell Daws and keep Gallas - because of speed? I just don't see that.

    Maybe we have been trying to get move on Bentley and Jenas and just can't at the 'right' price. Jenas's contract runs out next year as does Gallas's. Will they be renewed? Doubt it.
    Bentley has until 2014.
    Just FYI the contracts for Cudicini, Friedel, BAE, Two Saints also end next year.