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  • Evening fellow YIDS.
    First post since the end of last season and must say that the board is full of enthusiasum and fight which keeps me coming back for more.
    Firstly with reference to the daws situation,was shock,horror,etc as he has been a standout player for us and has played a big part in getting us from a mid table team to where we are now,a top 4 side which hopefully will continue.
    How dare AVB and the board consider letting him go,when the likes of Gallas were brought in to help due to injuries and was seen as a stand in.
    SO now we are one of the top 4 sides, the loyalty aspect kicks in and although AVB may what to tinker a bit, he should Daws his chance to prove himself.
    It was only after reading Graemes post that i calmed down and decided that it was not a good idea to find out where AVB lives and give him a good hiding.
    I accept we must move on,but would rather do it with ambassidors like DAWS in my squad.