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    Apologies if this has been mentioned somewhere else, I've had a quick squizz and not seen it.

    According to the BBC, "Dawson has been told he will be Tottenham's third-choice centre-back this season but has been offered guaranteed first-team football by QPR".

    Somebody tell me this is media nonsense, yeah?

    I'm not necessarily saying that he's the no 1 CB without contest, he's been injured & blah blah blah, but surely it would be a terrible terrible manager who 1) EVER told a player they were 3rd choice - surely that would be demotivating and encourage the "top 2" to sit on their laurels - but, more importantly, 2) was stupid enough to be in post for what? Two months, and 1 competitive game? And think they know the team dynamics well enough to be able to make a decision about player pecking order for the entire season?

    I know AVB will want to put a firm stamp on the team, but the thought of Daws going (and to QPR! The very least I'd say he's worth is an Everton, or if he wanted to stay in London at least a link up with old Jolly) makes me feel a little uneasy...

    But it doesn't matter cos it's just the same media malarkey, yeah?

    Full story here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/19334852

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    • I'm not sure what to believe with press reports from AVB - this now seems a bit odd given what he said before:

      ...he is 'quoted' though, so it doesn't look like a typical press made up story. Maybe we'll see Daws on the bench against Reading....

      I thought it odd that AVB seemed to want to get rid of T'Hudd in the window, then used him over Jenas (who seemed to both feature in pre-season and the early game) against Norwich.

    • even with Kaboul out for 3/4 months AVB still says he can go. So Bassong gone, Daws could leave, Ledley retired, Nelsen gone so who have we left? Caulker, Gallas and Vertonghen have I forgotten somebody if not it seems a very light to me!

    • ...well, so far the rumours have been that:
      Two Saints

      ...are all surplus or have been linked to other clubs (even Caulker has been linked to Pool) or have intimated they would want to leave '...if they don't play...'.

      The rumours don't worry me too much. What would concern me is if AVB has made it clear to the above that they ALL aren't on his Christmas card list.
      I'm not sure that it does the morale of the squad much good if there are comments floating about in the dressing room concerning who is leaving next.

      Lemon? Who says Lemon?

    • Did you call him Lemon on purpose there? Allegedly that's what AVB says too... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2195082/Aaron-Lennon-future-uncertain-Spurs.html?ito=feeds-newsxml

      But there are too many rumours at present for me to take them in.

      I wouldn't be all that surprised to see at least 3 of Daws, Hudd, Defoe, Lennon & JJ/Bents off before the window closes, which may well leave us short of actual players (as opposed to squad numbers)... oooh, it'll be fun times!

    • NBR,
      I would have gone the same with with the CBs. Assess what we have before assuming anything. But we all see thing differently and AVB has the added pressure of having to balance the books and take instructions from the board.

      Homegrown is UK and Wales AFAIK, so Bale is homegrown.
      So unless we sell, we have more than enough at the moment:

      Caulker, Kane (and others) as under 21

      When the talk was of T'Hudd and Daws going - and with the perennial candidates Jenas and Bentley (and maybe Daffy) - then there looked like an issue.

    • Def agree it's too early to be calling for anyone's head, but def also agree that it's about the squad impact and the timing's the key. I'd see the next couple of months being Daws, Kaboul and Verty as the top 3 CBs with Gallas being phased out & Caulker in - come Jan we'd be in a better position to know whether we can sell one of them off. It would also be better for the team psychology I would have thought.

      I've also been discussing the homegrown rule recently; is it English players/teams or all in GB/UK? E.g. if Bale hadn't had his years with us & S'ton would he count as homegrown? We must be getting low...

    • basic maths Fab...

    • Welcome back JEFFALL! I hope your summer has been all fine and dandy and as the autumn kicks in i hope you are relishing the fight that is about to really kick in, football wise.

      One thing though......whats all this 'SO now we are one of the top 4 sides' bit?

      You been on the magic mushrooms again?

    • Evening fellow YIDS.
      First post since the end of last season and must say that the board is full of enthusiasum and fight which keeps me coming back for more.
      Firstly with reference to the daws situation,was shock,horror,etc as he has been a standout player for us and has played a big part in getting us from a mid table team to where we are now,a top 4 side which hopefully will continue.
      How dare AVB and the board consider letting him go,when the likes of Gallas were brought in to help due to injuries and was seen as a stand in.
      SO now we are one of the top 4 sides, the loyalty aspect kicks in and although AVB may what to tinker a bit, he should Daws his chance to prove himself.
      It was only after reading Graemes post that i calmed down and decided that it was not a good idea to find out where AVB lives and give him a good hiding.
      I accept we must move on,but would rather do it with ambassidors like DAWS in my squad.


    • http://www.cartilagefreecaptain.com/2012/8/23/3262830/younes-kaboul-knee-injury-tottenham-hotspur-west-brom

      I only recall him having a problem a couple of seasons back where he missed quite a few games.

      And lest it's forgotten, although Gallas (IMHO) did a stirling job for us, he had a couple of bouts of injury - didn't he miss quite a few games over the last two seasons?

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