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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Aug 21, 2012 22:27 Flag

    Modric gone finally

    (which feels like it sounds racist, it's not meant to and I'm not sure quite how it would be...)

    It's not quite Black Tuesday rating, Bassong going isn't the end of the world.

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    • why sell Dawson?!!! I don't get it...one injury and we're f****d!

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      • One injury? No, but 2's a definite maybe JP...I mean Caulker is looking like he's ready, and we already have Vertonghen, Kaboul and Gallas, so while a popular player has (or may have) left the fold (Kentish won't be happy, I know that!), it's not the dark days you're fretting about (yet).

        Modric (well, I suppose I'll read all about him in the morning (US time), was long expected to leave and finding his replacement (jury's out on Sigurdsson, although i saw flashes during the Toon game)...if we could just get VDV to stop wandering around the back 4 and actually be a supporting playmaker, we may not have to worry about a replacement...but somehow I can't see the old dog learning new tricks.

        We've got our second striker (probably broke he bank for Ade...so we'll definitely have to move the long-standing deadwood out to get any other new players in...panic buy anyone!)