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  • Mc G Mc G Aug 22, 2012 11:15 Flag

    Dawson or Gallas?

    Firstly to just state the fact I want Dawson to stay!!!
    He for me is great and should be our captain.

    I wanted to do a simple post asking for a one world answer to my thread. Who would you prefer to keep.

    Dawson or Gallas?

    I wanted to confirm my suspicions. But then I realised it wont make a difference. In levy's eyes there will not be a valid argument to this question. The reason being he can get a suspected £9m for Dawson who under AVB could sit on the bench more often than not or get F^&* All for Gallas.

    No brainer in his eyes...esp with Caulker now seen as ready.

    Gutted as I am i will have to learn to live with this. It will be hard to watch Daws in another top especially QPR??? Poor sod!!

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