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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Aug 30, 2012 23:54 Flag


    AVB might be trying to avoid a repeat of the Chelsea situ. Incumbent senior players giving him shit...so...get rid of them and bring in players who know they're there because of him (not wholesale changes mind you). Of course we're not loaded with the ego's of the Terrys, Coles, and Lampards of this world.

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    • Rambro,
      I don't recall AVB actually getting rid of anyone at the Chavs - loads of talk, but no action. It wasn't until Di Matteo that players started to go.
      Odd here as well, as I'm convinced that AVB couldn't have been (or wasn't) involved in any of the departures apart from maybe Bassong. The others were all planned/spoken about pre-AVB. Pienaar to Everton was mooted last season, Modders going is not new, Corluka-Krancjar pre AVB etc.

      The RUMOURS of departures appear to be attributed to him though - at the Chavs and here (ie the Daws, VdV, Rose, T'Hudd, Parker, Lemon, Bentley, Jenas and even Daffy until yesterday). Those rumours worried me more, as it seemed that the whole squad was being unsettled. It didn't seem that he'd learned anything from his time at the Chavs, even though he spoke to the press about being more cautious with us.

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      • Personally I dont think AVB has dont anything wrong at the moment. With regard to Daws, he has been up front and told him he is 3 or 4 in line, and gave him permission to talk to QPR, which doesnt have to mean he wants him to leave, but giving Daws the choice of staying and fighting for place, knowing the score, or leaving, hopefully it seems he is staying, and not likely to be a disrupted influence because he knows where he stands....Hudds on loan make sense, seeing he has been out for so long, and needs games, plus he had a Jan call back clause...VDV, well we all know he is a class player, but how many of us have said he cant stand the pace of the EPL, and only good for 60 mins?, so Dembele, should be more than useful replacement ( maybe not scoring wise )...we got Grant hall from Brighton, and have Smith and Naughton, so cover for fullbacks, so Rose out on loan no problem, so all in all its good management imo, and if we can get 3 or 4 of our targets then Im quite optomistic for the season and judge AVB after he has time to get his methods embedded into the squad.