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  • yes i agree remmah. the only thing i wasnt happy with is selling dawson. letting gallas go makes much more sense.

    but as u say, maybe he was just too honest & said dawson u are 3rd choice. whereas most managers would say u are 1 of my main CBs (even if they werent!).

    id be happy with selling hudd! but a loan is a good compromise.
    that has fallen through thou. apparentley stoke medics are worryed about hudds ankles. im not suprised with him carrying all that weight around!

    modric was leaving anyway.

    vdv is a good player & a fans fave. but as u said he was knackered after an hour. just not fit enough for the EPL.
    also he would drift out of games for long amounts of time.
    he seemed to be stay in a 5m rsquare for the last 30mins.
    also he is in his late 20s so sell him not whilst we can get a good 10m+ for him.
    we got sig & dembele who can play there. or we can go with 2 upfront with defoe instead.

    john, avb started dropping the big egos like drogba,lampard,cole etc.
    u should read up on it. theres plenty of things he did to upset the big egos.

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