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    The guy AVB, you guys have taken on will need a season at least, if he's still there, to transfer he's ideas and choices to the pitch and achieve consistency. So be prepared to whinge a bit and face up to a slip down the table.
    H---Have I worded that right, Harry.

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    • That's what Harry said, cash---you doubting his vocabulary or what.
      H---speling corrector.

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      • Aye, I'm braced for that, I just hoped he'd have a bit more common sense than to change it to 'his' style in one go like that, surely there are more successful ways (in points terms and also in ingratiation terms with both fans and players) to ease it in, having the confidence of the players makes a huge difference to their performance.

        But you're right Al, quite likely time to have strong constitutions and hope we get through the season more than anything. And I'll cheer that bad boy on!

    • AVB might be trying to avoid a repeat of the Chelsea situ. Incumbent senior players giving him shit...so...get rid of them and bring in players who know they're there because of him (not wholesale changes mind you). Of course we're not loaded with the ego's of the Terrys, Coles, and Lampards of this world.

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      • Rambro,
        I don't recall AVB actually getting rid of anyone at the Chavs - loads of talk, but no action. It wasn't until Di Matteo that players started to go.
        Odd here as well, as I'm convinced that AVB couldn't have been (or wasn't) involved in any of the departures apart from maybe Bassong. The others were all planned/spoken about pre-AVB. Pienaar to Everton was mooted last season, Modders going is not new, Corluka-Krancjar pre AVB etc.

        The RUMOURS of departures appear to be attributed to him though - at the Chavs and here (ie the Daws, VdV, Rose, T'Hudd, Parker, Lemon, Bentley, Jenas and even Daffy until yesterday). Those rumours worried me more, as it seemed that the whole squad was being unsettled. It didn't seem that he'd learned anything from his time at the Chavs, even though he spoke to the press about being more cautious with us.

    • I'm not a Spurs fan, but I can't see AVB lasting the season.Poor man management and lack of commonsense suggest to me he will struggle and Spurs will be bottom end rather than top end. I shall watch with interest.

    • From memory John dont quote me on it but i think it was Nicolas Anelka and Alex.

      I belive it was the sale of Anelka that riled up the chelsea dressing room and caused a huge training ground tear up with AVB and the senior Chelsea players.

    • Hope Spurs A'tVB against Reading.

    • BY,
      Just looked Mr Anelka - and you're right. It seems though that he put in a transfer request - from the Wiki:
      '...Anelka scored Chelsea's first goal of the 2011–12 season against West Bromwich Albion in a 2–1 victory. However, this would prove to be Anelka's final goal for Chelsea as he failed to find the net in 14 further appearances in 2011. On 3 December 2011 after Chelsea's 3–0 victory against Newcastle United, manager André Villas-Boas confirmed to the media that Anelka along with Alex had submitted transfer requests to the club and would be free to leave Chelsea in January....'

      ...looks like the treatment he received after he handed in the request was a bit harsh though.

    • 24-Aug-12 11:59 AM

      The guy AVB, you guys have taken on will need a season at least, if he's still there, to transfer he's ideas and choices to the pitch and achieve consistency. So be prepared to whinge a bit and face up to a slip down the table.
      H---Have I worded that right, Harry.

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      • The problem with your assesment H is that there is nothing to prove that AVB's "tactics" will work and IF they don't where does that leave Spurs? After one good season with Porto (the Man U of Portugal) he was plucked by Abramovich to get Chelsea to win the CL, as Porto had done.

        He immediately upset the senior Chelsea players, played some very strange, negative tactics, made some very weird substitutions, did his usual thing of looking smug and Abramovich was brave enough (after wasting so much money on getting him in the first place) to make a quick decision and get rid before it was too late.

        Now it seems he has learnt nothing from his time at Chelsea other than to be a bit friendlier in front of the camera.

        If we give AVB a season and his methods don't work (which I don't think they will) where does that leave Spurs? Languishing near the foot of the table, a depleted, demoralised squad, no reason for any top class players to join us and all in all - up the swanny.

        I don't like his tactics. I don't think 4-5-1 suits us or the players we have. I don't understand his logic as far as subs are concerned. I cannot for the life of me understand why he thinks little Defoe can play on his own up front (I like Defoe and with another player up front he will get his fair share of goals). I don't understand why he thinks Hudd is good enough (in whatever position anybody thinks he can play) and I think he is losing the dressing room already.

        Time will tell obviously but the signs do not look good and personally I hope Levy has the same size balls as Abramovich..

    • This is tricky for me as I had the same opinion as you prior to his arrival, I was not a fan and I am not 100% convinced.

      But I think it shows a reactionary, small club mentality to sack a manger after such a short period of time, maybe I have become more sympathetic due to the idiocy of our home fans boo'ing! I find that completely ridiculous, counter-intuitive and deplorable.

      In spells we have looked superb, during the United game we played in the style I want us to, fast attcking football, I agree this has not happened anywhere near enough. The lack of cohesion, I am putting down to time, huge changes to the club and its staff. With regards to tactics and team selection, I would do things differently and I hope AVB will at least try some other options. I do think we have been limited by injuries. Had Parker and Ade been fit I'm certain we would have seen them used more.

      Do we want a manager who can be manipulated by fans and the media? I don't.

      'The question is - do we wait to see if he changes his tactics, makes better sub decisions, get the squad back on his side and plays a formation better suited to our style OR bite the bullet. I can't see that happening to be honest'

      I would have to say yes, I want to wait and see. I hope he tries something different (maybe 2 upfront), I hope he uses the squad differently, IMO Falque and Naughton have earn't more opportunities also Danny Rose has been good for Sunderland. I have read a couple of articles suggesting players aren't happy, but that seems to happen no matter who's in charge.

      All things change in time.


    • Just a thought to add to the equation Joe - who does AVB turn to when looking for tactical advice and support in making the big calls?

      Stephen Freund.............!!

      I have no idea how that appointment came about. I am not even sure if AVB even knew who Freund was before his appointment. As far as I know Freund has no relative experience of being an assistant manager of a PL side and all he did during his time as a player was clatter around the park giving free kicks away.

      There are a few too many "hopes" in your post for my liking Joe. AVB has shown no sign of trying different things - even when it is obvious to everybody else what needs to happen - he seems to think he is omnipotent.

      You pays yer money and takes yer choice so we will have to wait and see won't we.

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