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  • Jlock Jlock Aug 26, 2012 08:28 Flag

    Early Days......

    Well so far the performances haven't been that bad - not sure about the 2nd half yesterday though.

    I think it's too early to judge either the manager or the new players as yet, but its not the storming start anyone would have wanted. We're 3 points down on the simple '3pts at home, 1 away', but all we need is a run and a couple of away wins and that is rectified.

    What did you all make of the substitutions? Personally I thought VdV was doing pretty well, but I could understand the need for more fire power - so Ade coming on was semi understandable (although I still haven't seen Ade/Daffy hit it off as a partnership - so I would have thought Ade may have had more 'luck' with VdV acting as provider). Sigurdsson then coming on made a bit of sense. And I presume Jenas for Daffy was a 'defensive' change to then protect the lead.

    Lukaku posed a few problems after he came on eh? I hope the defence gets used to the new methods before we come across the likes of Aguerro (if fit), Tevez or Van Persie (or even the new shiny Torres).