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  • Berkshire Yid Berkshire Yid Aug 27, 2012 10:55 Flag

    Is It Time Yet?

    been away for a couple of weeks now im back im wondering is anyone's hand start to twitch? and you keep looking at the panic button should we be getting ready to push it?

    Two games one point 1 thought we were unlucky against the toon i felt we should have came away with a point.

    Then the West Brom Ade should have started the game we dominated the first half but failed to find the net.

    Second half sat back invited West Brom onto us and Lukaku took Vertonghen to the cleaners.

    Im Hoping it is just a blip despite the results we played some great football in both games and at times look simply brilliant but the ominous signs are there i am getting twitchy and looking at the panic button because i think deep down the newspapers have already written up the AVB Sacked story lines.

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    • Just a point on the Verthongen comment. No he didn't get taken by Lukaku although he (Lukaku) was a handful.

      He did however get rugby tackled to the ground just prior to the WBA goal which was a blatant foul missed by the officials and then in the dying seconds put the ball in the net. Don't know why the goal was disallowed. Anyone know?

    • The guy AVB, you guys have taken on will need a season at least, if he's still there, to transfer he's ideas and choices to the pitch and achieve consistency. So be prepared to whinge a bit and face up to a slip down the table.
      H---Have I worded that right, Harry.

    • Berkshire,
      The results don't always match the performance. As you mention had the Toon result matched the performance, then we should have got a point at least.
      The point against West Brom was about fair given the way we trailed off in the second half. I wouldn't have started Ade either, I assume that he hasn't had much training/pitch time etc during the summer, so bringing him on as a sub was reasonable to me.
      I just thought we went round in circles with the subs though. The 'remove a creative midfielder for a striker', then 'remove a defensive midfielder for a creative midfielder' followed by 'remove a striker for a defensive midfielder' and lost a bit of momentum (maybe coincidentally) after VdV went off.

      I'm not sure though that AVB quoting our start last year and comparing it to this was a good 'publicity' stunt - as surely he realised that last season's openers were against (as it turned out) the top two clubs in the land. Especially as pre season he was talking about winning the title (see http://www.footytube.com/news/guardian/andre-villas-boas-begins-by-talking-up-tottenhams-title-credentials-L18257?ref=hp_newsfeed) - so 1 point against two teams that may struggle to finish in the top 6 isn't too good. But luckily, the season seems to have started with a stutter again for the alleged top teams, and only the Chavs seem to have come out of the blocks firing on all cylinders (at least in way of results).

      Now with Modders resolved, hopefully the team and formation can be resolved and we can start getting more points on the board. I was a bit concerned though that AVB thinks we don't need more strikers - but if he can work the squad and get the results I don't care if we field 11 keepers - as long as the footie is good and the results do come.