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  • What do you think? Seems like we're in for him as "another replacement for Modric". IMHO - a totally different player who has shown flashes of promise, but has yet to deliver on those promises. If he is to swap the white of Fulham for the White of Spurs, then i hope he brings all he's got in bunches! (I've seen him disappear in games like our old boy Jenas...and that's a worry).

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    • I just hope that he's good given his alleged price of £23m! (Surely that cannot be anywhere near the truth? If it is Jol is probably rubbing his hands together, rolling his eyes in a maniacal manner and muttering '....mine, mine...revenge is mine...Levy is a fool I tells ya.......ha, ha - ha ha ha - ha ha....')

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      • obviously not a spurs fan if you think Levy will suddenly change spots and offer 23m straight away for a player like dembele when his buy out is 15m!! Citeh we aint!!

      • Ladies and Gents,

        Dembele has been one of the most under-rated players in the league last 12-18 months. Did either of you see the Fulham V Manure game? He was by far the best player on the pitch (including RVP), I am delighted with his signature and TBH I am surprised that Manure or another big payer aren't competing for him.

        He's costing us £15! less than we spent on Luka, who was unproven when we signed him. Maybe big Mart would like to help us further by taking Jenas and Bentley as part of the deal?

        Mart- You're Spurs and you know you are!

        I understand that Lloris is on his way in, as is Willian. Lloris is amongst the best GK in Europe, for £12- Bargin!

        Willian I know less about, small, quick and extremely technically gifted as you'd expect from a Brazillian.

        I see we are also being connected with M'vila, who despite his rep (bad lad) will be amongst the best defensive midfielder's in Europe within 5 years, he has unquestionable ability and he's tougher than vindaloo'd mutton. With Parker, Sandro and the continued development of Livermore do we need M'Vila?

        It's my understanding that 5 players will arrive between now and Friday!

        If we assume:


        are three of them, who else do we think might be a target?

        Sturridge? Please! Damiao? Unlikely, but would be superb! Hangeland? Just to stop me worrying about our CB situation, 1 injury and we don't have enough to compete is all competitions.

        Word is Jenas is off to Sunderland! good luck, good bye!


        Much love to Daws and Luka, still surprised by Daws but £9 mil is a lot for him!

      • would be a good but not great signing.
        scored less & made less assists than modric last season.
        not in she same class as modric obviously.

        but lets be positive-
        he is stronger, faster, taller & better in the air than modric.
        he is very good at dribbling & is very skillfull.

        im glad we are getting him as he is a good player. but at the same time, he isnt in the same class as modric.

        john, he has has a 15m buy out clause. so it wont be 23m.

        obviously we would rather modric but he as an isolated purchuse he is a good signing. still only 25.

        but he is mentally flaky & as rambro says can drift out of games.

        but he is a much better player than jenas!