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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Aug 30, 2012 16:22 Flag

    Remy in?

    'Arry used to get the flack for this, but Spurs (with Levy at the helm) have always been a good one for having any ridiculous rumours seem believable!

    Squeakybum day tomorrow, that's for sure, I kind of want the inevitable last minute Dawson deal to have the paperwork rejected as submitted after the deadline.

    I reckon we'll have another 1 player in and 3 out by the end of tomorrow. Any advances on that?

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    • Not_Blonde,

      I think it will be more than 1 in, I think 3 in, 4 out.

      Lloris looks almost certain, I have heard from a decent source that Moutinho will sign and we must sign a striker!

      If AVB still thinks Daws can go, then we must sign an additional CB, you haven't missed anyone, we will have 3 recognised CB's otherwise! that's not enough, maybe a loanee?


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      • AVB reckons the opposite; he said the below here http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/19356586:

        Villas-Boas also admitted Michael Dawson, who has been in talks with QPR, would have limited first-team chances if he remained at Tottenham.
        "If you end up with five central defenders then it's more competition and there will be less opportunities, that's why we allowed him to speak to QPR," added Villas-Boas.

        "With Adebayor, Defoe and Kane coming through I have enough options, but in football you just never know," said Villas-Boas.
        "I want to build a team that has one striker up front in my ideal system."

        Seems odd to give Defoe a new 3 year contract if you're looking to play one up front; it also seems odd to come in with a firm idea of a formation rather than looking at what you've got and making the best out of them - not very adaptable.

        It also implies that VdV's definitely on his way, or is being dropped into MF (which seems unlikely given Dembele signing).

        BUT the media says a lot, and reads a lot into a few words here & there, so they don't really tell us a lot.