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  • Layla Layla Aug 31, 2012 12:19 Flag

    Last day dealings...deals done?

    also jenas maybe to sunderland on a permanant transfer.
    i really hope this goes through!

    someone take bentley & gomes?!

    lloris looks dead ( i meant the transfer). i reckon we would have signed him a while ago if we were going to sign him.
    we have been talking to them for ages about it & have got no further. but that could all change.

    vdv, good player but so akward to fit in the team. he did well for us & will always be a fans favourite.
    but in the end, he created way more problems than he solved.
    i truely believe we would have easily got 3rd if harry had played defoe a lot more instead of vdv.
    we are desperate for a goal & vdv is on the halfway line taking the ball off of kaboul. cheers mate!

    rose we might as well send out for regular football as he will struggle to get in our starting 11.

    im not keen on having berbatov back. would rather someone younger & hungry. but im sure he would do a decent job for us or whoever he joins.
    i guess he would be great cover dor ade.

    im hoping we get in butland.

    moutinho would shock me if we sign him. they want far too much money for him. willian is more likely.

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    • SB,
      'arry played a single striker in most games - much the same as AVB appears to favour - VDV, Bale were then the main source of goals and assists (include Lemon in assists) apart from the 'strikers'. If AVB then plays Ade or Daffy up front, he still then needs to replace the gap left in the goal tally/assists made by VdV. Maybe that is Dembele or Sigurdsson (or Kaka or Moutinho), but they're (Dembele/Sig) not 'proven' in goalscoring - VdV was.

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      • LATEST NEWS-
        rose has joined sunderland on a years loan.
        berbatov to us is a made up rumour by fergie.

        john, no point us debating.
        we have all established that harry can do no wrong... ever!
        he favoured vdv, which means u will defend him.
        if harry had played defoe more than vdv, u would have defended that too.
        sadly, u cant see u change your arguments to match harrys.
        like reach for the top like harry says. but then not so long later- settle for a pt away at villa & settle for 4th when 3rd is there for the taking because harry says so!
        & yes, harry has said so in interviews that he had settled for a pt at villa & for 4th place.

        john, u remind me of a hitler follower. no matter what he does wrong, u always somehoe defend it!