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  • Layla Layla Aug 31, 2012 15:17 Flag

    Last day dealings...deals done?

    only confirmed move is rose on a season loan to sunderland & vdv to hamburg for just over 10m.

    jenas move is off. booooo!

    moutinho seems on. but im suprised because they wanted a lot more than then 22m being banded about.
    but hope the move goes thru.

    vdv just needs to pass a medical. hope they dont ask him to jog for more than a few mins! he will be on his arse!
    dont u know vdv doesnt run, he just walks fast!

    dos santos is going to mallorca. shame. never was given a fair crack by harry. he would rather vdv on crutches!

    lloris seems on but they want a few more million.
    butland is back up if the lloris move collapses.
    personally id like us to get butland only.