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  • Jlock Jlock Aug 31, 2012 10:29 Flag

    Last day dealings...deals done?

    Can't say that AVB/Levy haven't been entertaining.

    Rose to Sunderland on loan

    VDV to Hamburg? (that's 10 goals and roughly as many assists per season gone)

    Berba back?????? (I personally think he was a great player - and could be 10+ goals and 10+ assists if he plays - not sure how he fits with '...I want a single striker...' bit though)

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    • also jenas maybe to sunderland on a permanant transfer.
      i really hope this goes through!

      someone take bentley & gomes?!

      lloris looks dead ( i meant the transfer). i reckon we would have signed him a while ago if we were going to sign him.
      we have been talking to them for ages about it & have got no further. but that could all change.

      vdv, good player but so akward to fit in the team. he did well for us & will always be a fans favourite.
      but in the end, he created way more problems than he solved.
      i truely believe we would have easily got 3rd if harry had played defoe a lot more instead of vdv.
      we are desperate for a goal & vdv is on the halfway line taking the ball off of kaboul. cheers mate!

      rose we might as well send out for regular football as he will struggle to get in our starting 11.

      im not keen on having berbatov back. would rather someone younger & hungry. but im sure he would do a decent job for us or whoever he joins.
      i guess he would be great cover dor ade.

      im hoping we get in butland.

      moutinho would shock me if we sign him. they want far too much money for him. willian is more likely.

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      • SB,
        'arry played a single striker in most games - much the same as AVB appears to favour - VDV, Bale were then the main source of goals and assists (include Lemon in assists) apart from the 'strikers'. If AVB then plays Ade or Daffy up front, he still then needs to replace the gap left in the goal tally/assists made by VdV. Maybe that is Dembele or Sigurdsson (or Kaka or Moutinho), but they're (Dembele/Sig) not 'proven' in goalscoring - VdV was.

    • looks like we are gonna miss out on moutinho we cann't agree personal terms with him.

      This stinks of levy being a miser again he has done this before on deadline day.

      For the love of god just pay the man the money.

    • Lloris is at the Lodge ( no deal yet )
      Dos Santos a done deal

    • I'd LOVE for this to be true; while I'd rather he go somewhere he'll get pitch time this would be brilliant:


    • Yeah SB but we now are without a play maker like Modric.

      Levy slipped up again the revolution is becoming a joke already.

      Im gutted all in all with what we brought in we needed a striker and a CB and a left back because of kaboul's injury and Defoe just dosn't cut it for me i think BAE is overated big time and needs replacing.

      Instead we do what we always do and pack the midfield Levy seems oblivious to any other position in the team.

      Mid table/Bottom half finish coming up.

    • it happens every year. just like teams trying to sign a player who has already made 2 transfers that season.

      i thought jenas was a permanant move.
      but your right, it was just a loan move.

      i thought jol might have gone for jenas or bentley.

      why dont we go for dempsey. he can play in a few positions.
      fulham want just 7m for him as he is in the last year of his contract.
      he has turned down villa as he wants liverpool to sign him.
      but im pretty sure he would come to us. he wouldnt have to leave london & he would be joining a better bigger team.

      so come on levy, grab a 7m bargin in the way of dempsey.

      or why not offer bentley,gomes or jenas as part of the deal.
      & thrown in hudd on a season long loan.

      john, lloris hasnt been a rumour for ages. both clubs have made official statements saying we have been negotiating for a few days now.

      moutinho price agreed. but personal terms not agreed yet.

    • According to that link they didn't realise the 2 players on loan rule; I wonder if they might have been pushing for it to be a perm move by 'forgetting' that rule...

    • NBR,
      They're obviously behind the rumours, and it's stating the obvious, but the 'actual' done deals are still being reported here:

      As at 16:00, Spurs are reporting:

      VdV is actual
      Rose is actual
      Two Saints is actual

      So three outs.

      Lloris was shown on Sky at Spurs Lodge. So looks like that may have more than rumour to it.

    • Which by my maths*, makes it:

      c. £30m for Modric
      c. £10m for Rafa

      c. £12m for Lloris
      c. £7m for Dempsey
      leaving c. £20m for Moutinho...

      *only taking into account memorable amounts from the last few days

    • Tara Rafa, we'll miss you. People may argue that you didn't fit in our team, but undeniably a good player who put your heart into it.

      All the best mate.

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