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  • Jlock Jlock Sep 1, 2012 09:11 Flag

    final deadline day deals!

    Not quite sure to make of it all.
    I don't see that Modric/VdV have been replaced in way of quality - but I suppose it's now down to what AVB can get out of their replacements and the system he plays.
    Dempsey seems an odd one. Where will he fit? I would assume that Ade/Daffy start as the lone striker, with Bale/Sig/Lemon as the support, with Dembele and a.n. other (Parker/Sandro) and then the back four. So is he just to be an alternative for who - Sigurdsson? An odd buy - especially at 29 as where is Levy's re-sale value in that? He doesn't look to have been bought as a 'striker' as AVB said he didn't want any more.
    Which leads to Kane - I hope that Daffy/Ade stay fit across all the competitions - or maybe AVB did think after all that Dempsey could play their role in some competitions - I wonder what the policy will be for the youngsters? Obviously Kane won't feature.

    The homegrown 8 look ok - and most will still 'feature' - Bale, Lemon, Naughton(?),Walker, Livermore(?), Daffy, Caulker(?) and Parker (did I read that Sigurdsson is also classed as homegrown?) - leaving Daws, T'Hudd, Jenas, Bentley as players who seem 'out of favour'?

    Odd that AVB didn't even appear to look at Two Saints before he sold him.

    The other slight oddity to me was that we bought Lloris, but didn't move on any 'aged' keeper, but did sell Button (and had already go rid of Alnwick). I thought Button was quite 'fancied' - obviously not.

    Sit back and see time I suppose. If AVB is serious in his comment about challenging for the title, then we need to start piling on the points. That hopefully starts today.

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    • i am really annoyed we look like a weaker team yet again we have a bloated midfield we let kane out on loan i hope to god he has a recall in the loan agreement otherwise if Daffy or Ade get injured we are stuffed.

      I would have liked to see a CB come in even on loan just as cover now Kaboul is injured.

      Now the worse part is selling Modders and VDV two playmaking game changers and who replaces them? Clint Dempsey for a an absurd fee of 6 mill i actually found myself screaming at sky sports yesterday so annoyed.

      We let the big one get away in Moutinho BIG mistake and short sighted by Levy not the first time he has done that i cant remember who it was we were on the verge of signing last window and he wouldn't pay the money.

      Lets hope AVB has a master plan or Levy will blame him for failure and AVB will be down the job centre.

      On a lighter note anyone agree that deadline day just wasn't the same without old Arry hanging out his car window.

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      • I think your under-estimating Dempsey...He can play pretty much anywhere from mf to out wide or striker, and always chips in with a few goals. Obviously not a mega signing, but a useful one imo..regarding Moutinho, Levy agreed a club record fee...from what I've heard we were 3 to 4 million euro out on personal terms, which if we had offered £80m, then would have put him in the £100,000 plus mark and smash the wage structure, so although disappointing, understandable considering our financial status...finding a like for like for Modric was always going to be hard, so we may be short of someone who sets the tempo of our play, but Dembele is excellent at keeping the ball and slipping in passes and will last for full games unlike VdV...as said, lets wait and see how we look after a month or two.

      • BY,
        AVB now needs time to show what he can do with the squad. Every manager has their own way - at least it appears that Levy has backed AVB so far. When we brought in Gallas and Parker, I wasn't too impressed - but they 'worked'. When Levy brought in 'arry I wasn't too impressed.
        So although Dempsey may look a strange signing, maybe AVB has a specific role for him.
        Now is just the time to give AVB and the squad the support they need.