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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Sep 1, 2012 18:45 Flag

    going to be a long season.

    we can thank Freidel for our point...we should've lost by two or three, he pulled off a couple of brilliant saves and was probably slightly unsighted on the equalizer (I'll say that before I say he reacted a little late...due to age...wink).

    Horrible first half performance, only slightly better in the second half. The set up was all wrong for a home game (what are we going to do on away days, play 8 at the back one in the middle and one up top!). That said Sigurdsson was the designated "playmaker" and didn't get it done (hence being pulled off.
    Dembele looked gassed after about 15 mins (notice he kind of disappeared after he first came on...then reappeared to score that quite remarkable goal (and many more to him...for us, I hope)...then disappeared again.

    The sending off was harsh, but as SB said, it doesn't take much these days (BTW, I though Hudds had gone to Stoke on a loan deal...what happened?).

    We've got to be a lot more positive, especially at home, because the minute teams sense frailty, all respect goes out the window, and we did nothing to earn Norwich's respect.

    Now for the dream land vision:
    1. We're a point behind where we were this time last season
    2. We have one less loss than this time last season (of course, we haven't won yet either!).

    I temper that with, we haven't played a decent team yet, that is, one capable of making noise at the business end of the league table with the exception of Newcastle...away...and we lost that one). When i looked at the fixture list I initially thought, great, we can get off to a flying start...7 of 9 points, instead we have two (deja vu anyone?).

    I've got no great hopes for this season, not even a holding pattern, but, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it (yeah, I'll be upset, but it wont be as deep and it wont be for long).