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  • Robert Robert Sep 1, 2012 21:23 Flag

    going to be a long season.

    Take a while to sort out the team and system. I think a degree of patience is required. Booing at half time and full time is unwarranted. We lost this fixture 2-1 last year.

    Spursbabe, you are right. Modric is a massive miss. He is one of the best two or three of his type playing at the moment which is why he went for big money and why we see a big difference in the team.

    The recent acquisitions have flair and I think in a while, once they have a chance to all bed in we will see better performances from the team.

    Hopefully we won't get a repeat of the one day scenario. I don't think we will. There's an emence amount of talent in the squad and AVB will get it right.


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    • i agree sledge about leaving the moutinho deal to the last minute. why only make a genuine decent offer with a day to go. then leave yourself so little time to agree a deal with the player.
      i understand the fact he allegedly wanted 100k which is too much for us. but at the same time we are spending way more than that on deadwood!

      yes friedel did have a good game rambro. also rambro, hudd failed his fitness test. they felt he had a dodgy ankle too. no suprise there. how is he allowed to be so unfit?

      also agree with u on the fact that its not worth losing sleep over. yes we are most likely going to struggle all season, but it is just football at the end of the day. there are far more important things in life!
      like i said earlier, my expectations are really low this season so even a poor draw at home to norwich isnt getting me too down!
      i like your optimism robin. hope u arent going to be too disappointed.