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  • Layla Layla Sep 1, 2012 17:03 Flag

    going to be a long season.

    another terrible performance. we didnt deserve more than a draw. infact norwich were the better team.

    dembele scored a stunner & showed what a great signing he can be.

    livermore was terrible & gave away a stupid free kick which lead to the norwich goal.

    gallas looked dodgy & cant see why he is ahead of dawson & caulker?! aerial he gets domianted week after week. last wk lukaka, this week holt.

    why play defoe on his own upfront & then play 2 DM?! sandro & livermore & 1 foward at home to norwich!

    can u imagine if we had started with 4-4-2.
    a certain poster would have said thats why it didnt work! & ignore the many occasions when 1 up front didnt work this year.

    we ended with hudd & livermore in the heart of midfield. thats is emberressing! livermore is ok as cover to sandro & parker. but he shouldnt be a main starter.

    & hudd! he shoudnt be anywhere near the club. he looks even more overweight. he isnt fit enough & has shown no effort to get in shape despite his huge pay packet. im not sure if it was a sending off but these days they send u off for anything.

    we badly miss a modric to set up the play.

    i personally would have started with defoe & ade.
    especially if u are going to play 2 DMs.

    bad start from AVB. but kind of predictable. no one really wanted him. i would have prefered moyes.

    but too early to tell. only 3 games in. but if u were a betting man, i dont think it would be much of a suprise if we end up mid table & avb gets the boot.

    at the moment i think 6th looks like a good target with this team & manager.

    we can forget utd,city & chelsea for obvious reasons.

    but the only good thing is that liverpool & arsenal dont look any stronger than last season.

    so that 4th spot is really open this year. even a everton or newcastle could get it if they play well.

    this is the 1st season in a few years where im not expecting much. so its quite good in a way that im not really that disapointed or suprised that we have 2pts from 3 games. i was very much expecting a bad start.

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    • SB,
      There you go again. Why always the personal attack? But if that's where you want to go....

      How come you haven't slammed AVB for saying he wants to win the title, even before he saw the team kick a ball in earnest?

      How come you haven't slammed AVB for playing defensive - he plays two defensive MFs at home. He then takes off a striker for a defensive MF as soon as the team take the lead - then loses the lead and has no where to go? As I pointed out before, 3 points now is the same as 3 points in the last game of the season. We may end up regretting having a poor start.

      As for:
      '...can u imagine if we had started with 4-4-2.
      a certain poster would have said thats why it didnt work! & ignore the many occasions when 1 up front didnt work this year.

      You tend to miss any point with regard to Daffy. Daffy isn't a great goalscorer (I've asked before, and I'll ask again - show me the best years Daffy has had in the EPL - goals and assists) - he's average. He doesn't lend anything else to the team. He isn't too good at holding up the ball and bringing others into play. He isn't too good at being a single striker - so all that really leaves is two up front. That's fine - but Daffy doesn't make that many partnerships either. He shoots rather than passes (I do take on board the assist yesterday - but his history of assists is also pretty poor). Daffy is OK, but one dimensional. He needs others to provide for him, but does not (normally) provide for others. I think the stats show that. I think most people see that.

      Keep having the digs SB, as the digs just make the whole [sic] deeper. You do make me smile ;-)!

    • Take a while to sort out the team and system. I think a degree of patience is required. Booing at half time and full time is unwarranted. We lost this fixture 2-1 last year.

      Spursbabe, you are right. Modric is a massive miss. He is one of the best two or three of his type playing at the moment which is why he went for big money and why we see a big difference in the team.

      The recent acquisitions have flair and I think in a while, once they have a chance to all bed in we will see better performances from the team.

      Hopefully we won't get a repeat of the one day scenario. I don't think we will. There's an emence amount of talent in the squad and AVB will get it right.


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      • i agree sledge about leaving the moutinho deal to the last minute. why only make a genuine decent offer with a day to go. then leave yourself so little time to agree a deal with the player.
        i understand the fact he allegedly wanted 100k which is too much for us. but at the same time we are spending way more than that on deadwood!

        yes friedel did have a good game rambro. also rambro, hudd failed his fitness test. they felt he had a dodgy ankle too. no suprise there. how is he allowed to be so unfit?

        also agree with u on the fact that its not worth losing sleep over. yes we are most likely going to struggle all season, but it is just football at the end of the day. there are far more important things in life!
        like i said earlier, my expectations are really low this season so even a poor draw at home to norwich isnt getting me too down!
        i like your optimism robin. hope u arent going to be too disappointed.

    • we can thank Freidel for our point...we should've lost by two or three, he pulled off a couple of brilliant saves and was probably slightly unsighted on the equalizer (I'll say that before I say he reacted a little late...due to age...wink).

      Horrible first half performance, only slightly better in the second half. The set up was all wrong for a home game (what are we going to do on away days, play 8 at the back one in the middle and one up top!). That said Sigurdsson was the designated "playmaker" and didn't get it done (hence being pulled off.
      Dembele looked gassed after about 15 mins (notice he kind of disappeared after he first came on...then reappeared to score that quite remarkable goal (and many more to him...for us, I hope)...then disappeared again.

      The sending off was harsh, but as SB said, it doesn't take much these days (BTW, I though Hudds had gone to Stoke on a loan deal...what happened?).

      We've got to be a lot more positive, especially at home, because the minute teams sense frailty, all respect goes out the window, and we did nothing to earn Norwich's respect.

      Now for the dream land vision:
      1. We're a point behind where we were this time last season
      2. We have one less loss than this time last season (of course, we haven't won yet either!).

      I temper that with, we haven't played a decent team yet, that is, one capable of making noise at the business end of the league table with the exception of Newcastle...away...and we lost that one). When i looked at the fixture list I initially thought, great, we can get off to a flying start...7 of 9 points, instead we have two (deja vu anyone?).

      I've got no great hopes for this season, not even a holding pattern, but, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it (yeah, I'll be upset, but it wont be as deep and it wont be for long).

    • Another terrible and boring performance!
      It was almost a carbon copy of last weeks game at home to WBA!

      I'm with you on the team selection SB.
      I was already fuming 15 minutes before kick-off when I saw the line-up!
      For the life of me I cannot understand why play Sandro & Livermore in the centre with only a small target man upfront, especially when at home and against Norwich!
      AVB obviously did not learn from last weeks performance.

      We have enjoyed a great record at the Lane over the last couple of seasons, but now it's looking like the Tottenham of old.

      Levy got his priorities all wrong during the transfer window, left it till too late as per usual. Not getting a fit replacement for Modric is going to cost us big time.
      Dembele, Sig and Dempsey all good players, but none I see as world class (maybe Dembele will get there)... Whereas Modric, VdV & Gio are!

      I don't understand why leave the Moutinho thing right till the very end, perhaps they could have sorted out the sticking points if time was not such an issue.
      For me, Levy is highly unprofessional come transfer window.
      Whatever he saved in fees/wages by not signing him, he'll lose alot more in lack of success on the pitch.

      I look at our squad and see lots of decent players, lots of deadwood (fossils in some cases) and really only one or two outstanding talents.
      I think we'd do well to get 60 points this year and a top 6 finish.

      AVB does not seem a quick learner to me. We did not look like having a game plan and the players were not playing for each other today. Lots of frustration both on and off the pitch.

      Was that Mr Lewis I saw with Levy during the game?
      I wonder what he made of it.

      I'm afraid we're looking very soft and short of creativity this season.
      I know people keep saying its early days... but it's now 3 games gone (2 at home) and zero improvement.

      Fingers X AVB can get to grips with the new signings ASAP and bring some dynamism back into our play.

      err... COYS?