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  • Old Peculiar Old Peculiar Sep 2, 2012 10:49 Flag

    Some are quick to re-act!!!

    It is very simple. With the transfer window ludicrously extending into the start of the season late, hard bargaining deals will always go down to the last knockings. Accordingly team cohesion will not begin to happen until 4 - 5 games on. Some points will therefore be "lost". Does it matter? Is football a game or a business? Whatever faithful fans will lose out until the transfer date is changed to 31 July and hopefully remove the New Year window as well.

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    • I could semi-agree with that, apart from Sigurdsson and Vertigo both signed early (compared to normal for us) and had a part in pre-season (along with Bentley and Jenas). Ade simply came back. So really, yesterday wasn't about bedding in new players (not like QPR for instance). Dembele was the only 'new' player.
      I also thought that AVB would change the style - but his 4-2-3-1 isn't that different to what we played last year. I must admit I have failed to spot the difference between his high-line and playing out from the back compared to last year as well. So I'm not sure what has caused the opening issues. Obviously losing Modric/VDV could have had an impact and may be the answer.

      AVB seems a lot more cautious (on the pitch, not in his dealings with players) - that's twice now at home that he's taken off a striker for a 'defensive' midfielder when we've taken the lead.

      Maybe the change isn't in the lateness of the transfer window? I think (hopefully) it's just a new manager 'blip' and it will all start to come good. We've lost two influential players, and hopefully filled the void (both play style and goals/assists) with different style players. We played without Modric and VDV when either were injured without too much impact before.