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  • Joe Joe Sep 3, 2012 11:47 Flag

    Some are quick to re-act!!!

    'As for the people who booed on Saturday, I'm disgusted. I genuinely hung my head in shame. We could have the worst team in out illustrious history and Juande Ramos back, it wouldn't stop me singing and getting behind my beloved Spurs.
    I'll wait 6 months more before I take my rose-tinted spectacles off thanks. Til then I'm 100% behing our team and AVB.'

    Well said Graeme- it was ridiculous and demonstrates a lack of understanding, empathy and basic knowledge, booing serves no purpose, Embarrassing indeed!

    I had reservations over AVB's appointment, however he must be given a chance, reserve judgement until Xmas at least.


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      excellently put both of you amen to that.

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      • as i mentioned in another thread, i think its fine to boo if u feel the team hasnt performed & shown heart.

        greame & joe u may have a lot of disposable income so it doesnt have as much of an effect on u.
        but a lot of people who to the games pay a huge amount to see spurs. & these people are spending what little disposable income to see to us play. some save up for ages & some choose it over a holiday etc.

        so when the manager & team perform like they did against norwich, i think they have right to boo at the end of the game.

        im against booing during the game. & im dead against swearing or name calling.

        personally i think someone who is poor & stillscrimps & saves for ages to afford to see us play is a good supporter.

        maybe u guys dont.