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  • Jlock Jlock Sep 11, 2012 11:05 Flag

    Some are quick to re-act!!!

    It's a dilemma, but that is what Levy and the board are paid for. Levy has to decide whether AVB is a Bale or a Bentley - a kid who looked bad because of results, but then turned good, or a kid that looked good on past performances, but couldn't quite recreate it even though there was the odd flash of the old player.
    To me though, the decision can't be made in a few games. Even half a season isn't that long, given that I suspect that the transfers in/out weren't all AVB's doing.
    That's part of the dilemma for Levy - I think 'arry's way was easier to implement. 'Arry simply looked for players who could play football, irrespective of age - AVB needs to find the right 'pieces' to suite his 'methods' - if AVB then thought the current squad didn't suite his methods, he then needed to revamp. But Levy must have known that and must then give AVB time to get the pieces in place. If that means taking a hit for the perceived long term benefit, then Levy must also have been aware of that.
    I haven't a 'rule' to use as to how long to give AVB before deciding he's good or bad - I don't have to worry that every place we drop (or rise) in the league is £800,000 in the bank, I don't have to worry that every place may hit the waiting list for season tickets for the new ground, or effect our 'brand' around the world. I just think that 2 seasons allows a manager to buy the players they need and to bed in a system. But 2 seasons to Levy may seem like financial suicide.