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    Some are quick to re-act!!!


    Be interesting to hear any thoughts from any Spurs fans?

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    • Yeah!

      Pretty naive.

    • LTS,
      'Arry is gone - things change - 'arry shouldn't (won't) come back and I don't think that's the way forward anyway.
      It would appear that Levy has always had more that a small part in the transfers - maybe more so now, but he was there. He was there with 'arry.

      I will give AVB the same chance as any manager. I start in the same position as I did with 'arry - IE I'm not sure AVB is the correct man at all (I wasn't with 'arry) - but he may convince me otherwise. So far he's having a problem - whose fault that is, I'm not sure. Modric was going to go anyway and rumours re VdV were there already. You can't lose Modric / VdV from a team without some effect. It's difficult to see if Dembele / Dempsey were Levy or AVB - hopefully AVB will get the blend of Sigurdsson/Dembele/Parker/Sandro etc right to compensate for the loss.
      We played ok at Toon, we played ok in the 1st half against WBA - yesterday was pretty poor in both performance and result. So the man has a bit of work to do, as we appear to be going backwards. But that is what he is there for. He is the HC. Even if this season doesn't end up as we'd hope, he will need time.

    • It is very simple. With the transfer window ludicrously extending into the start of the season late, hard bargaining deals will always go down to the last knockings. Accordingly team cohesion will not begin to happen until 4 - 5 games on. Some points will therefore be "lost". Does it matter? Is football a game or a business? Whatever faithful fans will lose out until the transfer date is changed to 31 July and hopefully remove the New Year window as well.

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      • I could semi-agree with that, apart from Sigurdsson and Vertigo both signed early (compared to normal for us) and had a part in pre-season (along with Bentley and Jenas). Ade simply came back. So really, yesterday wasn't about bedding in new players (not like QPR for instance). Dembele was the only 'new' player.
        I also thought that AVB would change the style - but his 4-2-3-1 isn't that different to what we played last year. I must admit I have failed to spot the difference between his high-line and playing out from the back compared to last year as well. So I'm not sure what has caused the opening issues. Obviously losing Modric/VDV could have had an impact and may be the answer.

        AVB seems a lot more cautious (on the pitch, not in his dealings with players) - that's twice now at home that he's taken off a striker for a 'defensive' midfielder when we've taken the lead.

        Maybe the change isn't in the lateness of the transfer window? I think (hopefully) it's just a new manager 'blip' and it will all start to come good. We've lost two influential players, and hopefully filled the void (both play style and goals/assists) with different style players. We played without Modric and VDV when either were injured without too much impact before.

    • OK i admit i was one of the first on here calling for Arry's head and i have to admit it i was wrong BIG time.

      Now after watching AVB come in and be Levy's puppet i can now see Arry must have been in the same sort of situation.

      Levy as got out of control and wants to control the club from top to bottom instead of trusting a manager to get the job done it looks like he just brings in brings that were not on AVB wanted list and tells AVB here you go get on with it its a very continental system that has proved time and again does not work.

      All in all i think we need to start winning and soon we have some tough fixtures coming up and if we do not turn things around i can see us getting slaughtered and AVB out the door by Xmas.

      Then what? yet another lamb to the slaughter comes in? Levy cannot keep bringing people in landing them with faces they don't even want then make them carry the can when things don't work sooner or later he has to look at himself and trust a manager or resign himself.

      It's going to be a long hard season yidsters i think we have taken a major step back this year instead of moving forward.

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      • BY,
        I don't think anyone was wrong in calling for 'arry's head. My objection was the REASON for calling for it. Look back to Jan and the transfer window - 'arry had been working on a shoestring. He even commented on it - ie that we didn't do bad when our CB was on a free. We got Friedel, Gallas, Nelsen, Saha - but they all did a job for him when we needed them to.

        I don't think it's time either to put down AVB - look at what he does, make an opinion of what you like/dislike, but give the man a season at least to show what he can do.

        Surely we all saw with Ramos/Jol and Comolli how Levy likes to operate - I recall having big arguments with SB in previous transfer windows where the blame was put squarely at 'arry's door for not signing players - and not getting rid of players like Jenas/Bentley. In any club you have to factor in who is available, who wants to join, who wants to go, balancing the books, what money is there - AND how much the board (Levy) are involved. I think Levy has been the most talked about chairman with regard to transfers for seasons. Levy is a very astute businessman and has kept the club on the level. I personally think that is where Levy (and the board) and 'arry fell out - the age profile of the squad was IMHO major factor. I'm not sure that 'arry will be as 'meek' as AVB over the squad and who controls it.

        Blathering on again.

        Hopefully, the clubs around us (in challenging for 4th), won't get too big a lead while we're finding our feet. If Pool, Woolwich and Utd all draw.......

    • That article is an absolute crock.
      We're 3 games into the season, our signings from Friday couldn't play Saturday and suddenly the world's going to implode.
      This is no different to the start of last season when we actually lost our first two games but because we've got a different manager its all his fault? No doubt the people who think our season is over before its started are the ones that didn't want AVB and are desperate to say 'Told you so.'
      As for the people who booed on Saturday, I'm disgusted. I genuinely hung my head in shame. We could have the worst team in out illustrious history and Juande Ramos back, it wouldn't stop me singing and getting behind my beloved Spurs.
      I'll wait 6 months more before I take my rose-tinted spectacles off thanks. Til then I'm 100% behing our team and AVB.

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      • 'As for the people who booed on Saturday, I'm disgusted. I genuinely hung my head in shame. We could have the worst team in out illustrious history and Juande Ramos back, it wouldn't stop me singing and getting behind my beloved Spurs.
        I'll wait 6 months more before I take my rose-tinted spectacles off thanks. Til then I'm 100% behing our team and AVB.'

        Well said Graeme- it was ridiculous and demonstrates a lack of understanding, empathy and basic knowledge, booing serves no purpose, Embarrassing indeed!

        I had reservations over AVB's appointment, however he must be given a chance, reserve judgement until Xmas at least.


    • Evening fellow Yids.
      Have got to agree with Greame and Joe on this one.
      AVB and the whole squad are pobably going through a mind boggling time at the moment and although we haven't been that great,we haven't been that bad either.
      Maybe AVB should give Daws a start instead of Gallas as we seem a little rocky at the back.
      Both have thier own abilitys,but true spurs fans love Daws,which might have some sway for AVB from the fans.
      AVB needs time and i'm sure that once we get that first win under our belt we can get back to our winnig ways of true first class football.
      Spurs Forever COYS ATB JEFFALL

    • Unusually for me I find myself sitting very awkwardly on the fence on this one.

      I was very pleased when Arry took over as I liked the way he got the best out of players which he had proved he could do for many years. Towards the end I was not sure about his tactics (The Villa game being the best example) and the thought crossed my mind that perhaps he was not tactically astute enough to compete at top 4 level. However, I would have liked to see him stay for at least another year.

      AVB however I was not a fan of before so seeing him come in did not fill me with joy. As I have said elsewhere, he seems to think he knows a secret to the way of playing football that no one else does with a smug "wait and see" look on his face.

      Part of me says - why wait, get rid of the idiot before he does too much damage but another part says give him a fair crack of the whip.

      The one thing I am certain of is that we will not win very many games with one striker, two very wide wingers and two holding midfielders.

    • WAIT TILL XMAS????????

      Wait till MR Ebeneezer Levy gets a visit from 3 ghosts.

      I pray to god we are not punished that long AVB will never be a premier league manager of quality its only a matter of time before the axe falls.

      Levy said when Arry left that AVB can bring the club forward and yet AVB seems to have the club stuck in reverse gear rumours of the players disliking AVB the players seemingly confused by AVB tatics a growing revolt starting in the dressing room sound familiar to anyone?

      I love the Club and would never boo no matter how frustrated i was with the team but Levy got rid of 2 popular managers in big Mart and Arry who brought us our best finishes then brings in a manager who was sacked from our rivals who's only aim is getting revenge and always seems to constantly wine about how he was treated by Chelsea he does not have a clue about premiership football so i can see some people frustrations.

    • BY,
      But without giving the man time, no one will ever know if he is the 'Son Of The Special One'.
      Some managers take time. Even Fergie nearly got Utd relegated before they found success.

      OK, I know it's a fine line. You can have toooooo much faith in '...it will work out ok - just believe.....', but surely 19 games, a season even, isn't that much to get new ideas in place (along with the players capable of realising the ideas)? If he keeps us there or thereabouts. To me, two seasons is a fair time to judge. That's four transfer windows.
      Obviously, if the results and performances are that bad though that the finances of the club suffer (at £800,000 per position in the EPL a drop of 10 places is £8M lost), then that becomes a different issue.
      Whether Levy will give him that much rope is a different matter though.

      Also, if AVB does go, I don't think he can be accused of dismantling the squad. As, as I seem to keep repeating, I'm not sure that it's his hand you see in most of the transfer dealings this summer anyway. Who is really an AVB casualty/buy - Bassong? Dempsey? Dembele? VdV? Lloris?

    • Looking back, a thought just occured to me. Has anybody seen AVB put out a side that was set up to give the other side a good thrashing? I can't think of one. His teams all seem to be set up not to concede goals presumably in the hope that the team can nick a goal and walk away with the points.

      Think about it - that would explain the one striker option he prefers (allowing him to play another midfielder), the playing of two holding MF's in the centre of the park and why he took a striker off and replaced him with another MF as soon as we scored first against Norwich.

      The lack of goals during his time at Chelski supports this and then when you add on his almost fanatical obsession with stamping his authority on established veterans in his team and well, the future looks bleak.

      I think he got the Chelski job because he was the adopted, younger replica of Abramovich and Mourinho but they soon realised he was deeply flawed and got rid ASAP.

      I am really not liking this thought and what it might mean for our beloved club but so far I can't think of any redeeming features other than his, now fading, time at Porto which could easily be seen as a flash in the pan. God I hope not!

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