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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Sep 3, 2012 18:15 Flag

    Mid Table Mediocrity

    Where do you think Arsenal will finish Sfer?

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    • To be honest Fab I really don't know. Its going to be interesting as it could go either way. They could be very good or very average IMO. They obviously won't be in trouble in terms of battling relegation but I don't think they are as strong as they were and certainly not as confident with the likes of Citeh, Manure and Chelsea being stronger - again IMO.

      On paper our squad now looks quite strong but the jury is still very much out on AVB and his tactics so God knows where we will end up.

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      • It is certainly a difficult call as probably all of the tops clubs have strengthened IMO (Arsenal included). As far as Arsenal are concerned i think a lot depends on how the new lads gel and how Diaby performs as if Diaby can build on his performance at the weekend he will be a real force to be reckoned with and without doubt one of the very best midfielders in the Prem and probably the world.
        I can't see Wenger having so much faith in him over such a long and frustrating period for no good reason.

        Chelsea have signed some jaw dropping talent IMO. I do hope they start b!tch fighting in the changing rooms and it all goes t!ts up for them, as if it doesn't, crikey, their bloody good.

        Wenger was after Mata (and thought the deal was sealed apparently) last season and Wenger has also made no secret of his liking of Hazard, saying he is the one player he would have loved at Arsenal.

        United? Always competitive but i think being left feeding off the scraps left over by City and Chelsea these days (who isn't?) and not such and easy run for them. I do hope VP has some traditional 'troubles'. That would make me titter!

        City? current champs and even stronger now.



        My vote is out. I'll keep an eye on the opinions of you Yiddos to see how AVB shapes up. Already noting upset in the ranks because of the Gallas over Daws situation. A lot depends on whether or not Adebayor and Gallas decide to go all Schizo IMO.