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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Sep 5, 2012 17:10 Flag

    Mid Table Mediocrity

    What you have to bare in mind Sfer is that Arsenal started terribly and basically, finished terribly last season. The now traditional terrible injury list raised its head on occasions and key players moved on. New players had no pre-season.

    This time Arsenal are seemingly more settled, even with VP having left, followed by Song. Arsenal relied too heavily on VP for goals last season. That was not good. I think the goals will come, but from more than one member of staff this season.

    The season, as always, and as with every club, depends largely on injuries and confidence. If those two factors favour Arsenal, then anything is possible IMO.

    I never bet on Arsenal Sfer and never predict too heavily, just a tadd superstitious you see and i have no wish to put the kibosh on things (oh yes, the whole fortune of Arsenals season rests upon what i do and say, especially on match days!How sad!).

    Suffice to say i am quietly confident and have Wengers record of top four finish, CL qualification to bolster my confidence.