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  • Sfer Sfer Sep 3, 2012 12:33 Flag

    What is AVB doing?

    Is a point at Newcastle and wins over West Brom and Norwich unrealsitic Joe? I don't think so. We would certainly have expected that most of last season and why can't we expect it now. OK we have sold Modric (I don't count any of the other players we have sold as being detrimental to the team) but we have bought in others that are supposed to make the squad stronger so why is 7 points unrealistic?

    I don't think sacking AVB so soon would be a good thing either and booing is just plain daft BUT so is that smug look on AVB's face. He has a way of saying "I know what I am doing whilst you lot are just thick fans" which is really annoying. When he is interviewed I keep expecting him to tap the side of his nose, wink, smile and walk away.

    Look what he did at Chelski with his team selections and tactical changes and we all know how that ended. When he came to Spurs I think we all hoped that he had learnt a lesson and that his time at Porto would come to the fore. Seems to me that he has not learnt anything, still thinks he knows it all and he is not likely to change because he is too arrogant.

    There are other teams in the PL that had similar or worse summer breaks/transfer dealings but they seem to be doing ok - why can't we expect the same? All this drivel about new players taking time to settle in - yeah ok, maybe, to a certain degree - but they are professional footballers who are being asked to do a job. Anyway. its not down to the new players is it - hardly any of them have played - its down to the team selection, tactics and management. I said before AVB was appointed that I would have preferred someone like Poyet over a "big name"................. and I still would.

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    • We have just lost Luka, the heart beat of our team, the man who pretty much dictated how we have played for the last 2 seasons. I think its difficult to overstate the size of the Luka shaped hole.

      How many other teams could loose a player of that calibre and not be affected? What happened to the Goons in the first few games of last season after they had just lost Cesc? their form dipped- sadly it was only temporary.

      The club captain has just retired, meaning the dressing room dynamics could be be vastly different. We have a new manager, with new ideas and new players to try and impose those on. Any change is likely to have a knock on effect and I believe we are simply going through a period of transition, following a number of changes in the club. Lets hope everyone gets up to speed quickly including AVB.

      AVB wouldn't have been my choice, but he is here and other than his time at the Chavs (where he was hung out to dry by Abramovich) he comes with a good reputation.

      AVB doesn't come across as a media darling in the same way the Redknapp did, personally I don't mind that.

      I can't see the sense in writing AVB off as the boo-boys seem to have done already, he must be given a chance. When he was sacked, the Chavs were 5th, 4 points behind the Goons who were then in 4th. Under Di Matteo they finished 6th, 5 points behind us in 4th, did Di Matteo do that much better? other than the obvious trophy win- gits!

      The changes he made at the Chavs needed to happen IMO, who knows what would have happened if he'd stayed there? especially with the investment they have seen since.

      I will do my best to not pass judgement until Xmas.


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      • i was worried abut avb but now im very worried. there is no logical explaination to play 2 holding DM's & little defoe at front on his own, when we are at home to norwich. it just encourages the other team & gets their confidence up. we make it so easy for them too with this system.

        im also glad vdv is gone for the previous mentioned reasons. his last act was to come on & give away a stupid pen which lost us the game. says it all!

        agree about livermore too. i think he is worth keeping as 3rd choice DM. but nothing more.

        as iv previously said, hudd should be nowhere near this team. how can u be allowed to be so unfit? john also mentioned that avb wanted rid of him, but then brings him on in a crucial part of the game.

        avb seems to make it up as he goes along. he also seems to avoid wanting to do logical effective things. its like he has to come up with some original masterplan! he reminds me a bit of ramos!

        i disagree about the people criticising the booing. people pay a lot of money & some travel far too to see this highly paid team. when they dont perform well & dont show heart then i think the paying customer has every right to boo. im against swearing or calling them names etc.
        joe, i agree its far too early to write him off. but we can only judge on what we have seen so far in his time in england. he has been awful! his good reputation was at porto. the biggest team in a much weaker league. he also had falcao!

        if he had done logical team selection & systems, & then it still didnt work. id say fair enough, we are missing modric blah blah etc. but when u choose that team & system at home to norwich, its asking to play badly!