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  • Joe Joe Sep 7, 2012 11:12 Flag

    EPL 25 Man Squad - 2012-13

    So Bentley has gone to Rostov til January, I have mildly more respect for him, at least he wants to play football, fingers crossed it will become a permanent deal.

    Jena's being liked with a move back to Shottin'ham Forest! That would be a great move all round.

    Bentley may have something to offer, but he needs games to prove it, so this deal should work well for him. I just hope he's packed his thermals, he'll need them. I almost pity Jenas, he's not awful, he's just.... so very average, maybe a spell in the Championship will help boost his confidence, I'm surprised QPR didn't go for him- he'd have fitted well there.

    Surely we have enough cover for them both to leave? neither is good enough IMO.

    I'm sure Gylfi, Falque and Townsend can offer more than Bentley and all our central midfield options are much better than Jenas IMO. So barring a serious injury list, I think we'll cope just fine without them.

    Congrats to Caulker, scoring for the U21's!


    Average Joe X

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    • i get u john, u have gone on numbers & i have gone on quality.

      id rather 4 kabouls than 6 bassongs. id say 4 kabouls is stranger than 6 bassongs.

      also, does that mean we can replace bentley in the EPL squad. or once its named, thats it!

      yes i appreciate bentley wanting to play football & i assume the russian team will pay a bit of his wages which is good.

      joe, im suprised jol didnt sign any of our players like jenas, bentley, hudd etc.

      jenas is average. but he still is good enough for a mid-lower prem team. same goes for hudd, bentley, gomes.
      suprised no teams have snapped them up.
      maybe they are on too bigger wages.

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      • No, that wasn't the point SB.

        We use a squad. With 50-60 games, even some of the 'non 1st team' players play and you get injuries.

        We used virtually the whole squad last season, including Pav, Saha, Pienaar, Krancjar, Bassong, Nelsen,King, Two Saints, Modric, VdV blah blah.
        Fine, I'd also rather have say a Daws than 10 Bassongs, but when Daws, Vertigo, Kaboul and Caulker are injured, I'd like a Bassong.
        We overloaded in the past at CB to cater for King (and to an extent Gallas/Daws), so shrinking that position is fine in theory - but we kept Gallas who may suffer over a long season (as may Daws if he's not fully fit).
        So to me the squad feels weaker both in depth and in quality - it is weakened virtually across the board, apart from GK.
        AVB left Bentley and Jenas in the squad (where they were omitted last year), but they looked totally unlikely to play - and now it seems they're both going on loan. He also included Falque. So 3/25 who seemed unlikely to feature. So if Bentley/Jenas do go on loan, we'll also be lighter in actual number.
        Dempsey/Dembele/Sigurdsson may turn out to be total quality, but to me, they don't replace the quality in Modric and VdV - at this stage.
        Vertigo may turn out to be the best signing ever - but at this stage it has been difficult to judge him. He seemed to be bullied quite easily and lacked a bit of 'oomph' aerially. So his quality in my mind seems less than King - although obviously he'll be able to play more.
        If AVB/Levy had actually got their way, we would also be 'light' by T'Hudd and Daws. Again, I'm not decrying AVB/Levy letting people go, but if AVB/Levy are serious about challenging across all fronts this season - a quality squad is a necessity - and that means depth in numbers.