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    EPL 25 Man Squad - 2012-13

    From http://www.premierleague.com/en-gb/news/news/premier-league-squad-lists-201213.html

    Gomes, Heurelho Da Silva
    Cudicini, Carlo
    Friedel, Bradley Howard
    Lloris, Hugo
    Kaboul, Younes
    Gallas, William
    Adebayor, Emmanuel
    Vertonghen, Jan
    Assou-Ekotto, Benoit
    Cordiero, Sandro Raniere Guimarae
    Falque, Yago
    Sigurdsson, Gylfi Thor
    Dempsey, Clinton Drew
    Lennon, Aaron
    Walker, Kyle Andrew
    Naughton, Kyle
    Dawson, Michael Richard
    Dembele, Moussa
    Huddlestone, Thomas Andrew
    Parker, Scott Matthew
    Livermore, Jake Cyril
    Jenas, Jermaine Anthony
    Bale, Gareth Frank
    Defoe, Jermain Colin
    Bentley, David Michael

    So from what I can see, based on the squad list published at this time last year, we have gained/lost:

    Lost Alnwick - gained Lloris

    Lost King,Bassong - gained Vertonghen

    Lost Corluka - gained Walker, Naughton

    Lost Modric, Krancjar, Two Saints, VdV, Pienaar - gained Dembele, Dempsey, Sigurdsson, Bentley, Jenas, Falque

    Lost Pav

    Obviously Walker played last season but would have been U21 then.

    To me the squad looks weaker overall. The gain at keeper is positive. We gain Naughton and lose Corluka at FB. King and Bassong for Vertonghen? As for midfield - take your pick. If it wasn't for Bentley/Jenas and Falque now being given squad numbers, we'd be considerably down. Pav went, and Saha subsequently came and went.

    So to me the squad looks:
    Keeper - stronger
    FB - weaker
    CB - weaker
    MF - weaker (although I think there are more goals in the additions) although we have now got Thor in our ranks
    Striker - weaker

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    • Bentley gone on loan and rumours that Jenas will go on loan to the Championship. No great loss in terms of them being potential regulars in the first team. Maybe AVB thinks MF is now adequately covered by the new arrivals. I hope the winter 'injury season' is kind to us.

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      • So Bentley has gone to Rostov til January, I have mildly more respect for him, at least he wants to play football, fingers crossed it will become a permanent deal.

        Jena's being liked with a move back to Shottin'ham Forest! That would be a great move all round.

        Bentley may have something to offer, but he needs games to prove it, so this deal should work well for him. I just hope he's packed his thermals, he'll need them. I almost pity Jenas, he's not awful, he's just.... so very average, maybe a spell in the Championship will help boost his confidence, I'm surprised QPR didn't go for him- he'd have fitted well there.

        Surely we have enough cover for them both to leave? neither is good enough IMO.

        I'm sure Gylfi, Falque and Townsend can offer more than Bentley and all our central midfield options are much better than Jenas IMO. So barring a serious injury list, I think we'll cope just fine without them.

        Congrats to Caulker, scoring for the U21's!


        Average Joe X

    • john, my negativity is rubbing off on u!

      i pretty much agree. the huge blow is losing modric & having no replacement. moutinho was crucial.

      i disagree about being weaker at CB. i thought bassong was poor. & i love king but he was injured for large parts.
      vertonghen is a good signing. he is a big imprvement on bassong. not as good as king but he was injured most of the time.

      also, dempsey can play in the striker role. he is an improvement on pav & saha.

      basically we are missing 1 of the most important positions which is that CM playmaker role.

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      • No SB, it's not your negativity, just me looking at the squad.

        I'm not judging 1st team or the bench - just the overall 25('ish).

        Dempsey may be able to play a 'striker', but this time last year we had 3 strikers, now we have 2. We actually used 4 different strikers last year.
        Ditto CB, although you can compare Vertonghen to Bassong, with all due respect that isn't the point in comparing the squads. I think we used King, Daws, Kaboul, Gallas, Nelsen and Bassong last year. So although, Caulker has come through, we're lighter in that area (you could see King/Bassong/Nelsen gone and Vertonghen/Caulker in).
        As for MF, then I personally see Dempsey as the same as VdV (the role anyway) - so I think that the whole midfield has lost both a level of skill and depth. Maybe we're slightly better of with a 'VdV' type replacement in Dembele/Dempsey/Sigurdsson - but overall with losing Pienaar, Krancjar and Two Saints and getting back Bentley and Jenas, Hopefully Falque will shine.

        Away from the overall squad, I assume Dempsey OR Sigurdsson will play the VdV role with Dembele the Modric role - I'm still not sure how AVB will work those three into the starting 11 at the same time, along with either Daffy or Ade (or both) - that's assuming always that one of Sandro/Parker/Livermore/T'Hudd will start with Bale and Lennon.