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  • Jlock Jlock Sep 5, 2012 17:05 Flag

    What team would you pick?

    Basically the same.
    Daws instead of Kaboul - simply because I think Daws is far better in the air and I haven't seen this 'high line' that would expose Daws' lack of pace.
    I'd use Dempsey (as a No 10) in behind Ade (so Daffy on the bench) rather than playing a straight 2 up front (ie keep a 4-2-3-1). With Bale and Lennon wide, it doesn't make sense to me not have an aerial threat. That's as you say, 'in general'.

    I think you can only judge Lloris,Vertonghen,Dembele, Sigurdsson and Dempsey after they've had the pitch time to show what they can do and what qualities they bring. So far Vertonghen has been 'ok' to me, nothing special. Sigurdsson again ok'ish so far. How they'll get the pitch time to show what they can do will be AVB's challenge.