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  • Sfer Sfer Sep 6, 2012 09:46 Flag

    What team would you pick?

    I wouldn't have a problem with those changes Rem. Parker and Sandro are very similar. I just think Defoe is a natural goalscorer who deserves a longer run in the team. He could have gone elsewhere and played regularly but he stuck with us and should get his chance. Dempsey is pretty good but I just prefer Defoe - for now.

    Lloris is the France keeper and has a great reputation. I put him in because he is the future and no matter how sentimental we can get about Freidel, he can't go on forever. What I do very much like about Friedel is that he obviously loves playing football and would probably play for the sunday team just to get a game which is much more admirable than the likes of BAE who would rather stay at home than play for nothing.

    The interesting thing is you have gone for an attacking team as well whilst AVB looks set on putting out defensive teams which, IMO, does not suit our style. We shall see!

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    • I think the thing with Defoe is if he doesnt score then he offers very little to the team over 90 minutes. he cant hold the ball up very rarely passes, and for a "natural goal scorer" doesnt seem to anticipate where the balls going when played across goal. he's been like that all his career, good movement, and scores some great goals, but IMO not a good team player, but you wouldnt want him playing against you, so I guess its a choice of playing a better team player, or someone who can get a goal at anytime, head scratcher eh?