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  • Not!

    Blown out of all proportion by Didier Deschamp and an overactive under simulated press, who are desparte to see AVB fired asap. Mr D 'I don't want to cause a problem'- well why mention it then?

    Friedel has done well for us, despite my initial reservation due to his age, he has been impressive. But he is 41 and with the best will in the world he will not last much longer, IMO he started to flag towards the end of last season. Lloris represents the future for us, I am confident he will be first choice by Xmas, when hopefully Gomes will be on his merry way to petrify another group of fans with his sideshow bob impersonations.

    I truly hope Lloris doesn't force a move come January, he will be one of the best keepers in Europe within the next 5 years, I want him with us at that time!


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    • Bet if we had say, Manny Neuer it wouldn't have mattered what Freidel did, he'd be on the bench.

      No argument about how well he's done for us...or about his age. Time for us to move on though...changing your keeper mid-season could unsettle the back line (then again, maybe not).