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  • Sfer Sfer Sep 14, 2012 15:42 Flag

    Where has everybody gone?

    This board has gone exceedingly quiet...but why?

    I used to come on here a few times a day for the witty banter, a bit of Ar$e poking and some decent chat about football and Spurs. I must admit I am now down to once or twice a day and even then I can't be bothered with posting anything most of the time.

    I've noticed a lot of others that used to regularly post have also stopped. It seems to have fizzled out over the last few weeks....but why?

    Well I know the answer to that as far as I am concerned and I know I am in for some stick over this but seeing as it is dying anyway I may as well get it off my chest.

    Two words - John Locke. Now I am sure John is a nice enough bloke, probably an Accountant and not someone I would be desperate to go to the pub with but he doesn't swear or rant or post vitriolic barbs at anybody so why am I blaming him for my lack of interest in logging in here anymore?

    Well, I tried very hard to understand where John was coming from in his many and very long posts and I tried very hard to get my point of view across...but ultimately it was like talking to a brick wall. What ever I said, joking, serious, politely or rudely.....whatever I said...it was always taken the wrong way. John interprets everything differently to anybody else from what I can tell.

    Now that in itself I can take to a certain extent BUT his replies are just so........BORING. I thought this was a chat site not a site for people who think its a competition to write the longest posts (yes I know this is an ironically long post!) laden with statistics and links to other sites which may or may not support a particular viewpoint.

    I tried, I really did. I responded even though my inner instinct was saying very loudly "don't get involved!". I kept my cool, tried to reason with him, tried to understand where he was coming from, joked about it at first and then got annoyed. All the time John took a completely bizzare view of anything I said. Not just what I said but what anybody says on here from what I can tell.

    I cut down my visits but everytime I do still come on here - there it is, the latest post from John which used to take me hours to read (I don't even bother anymore) and even then I could not understand where he was coming from most times - he even ended up replying to himself sometimes in an effort to get someone else to respond presumably... so I stopped. I refuse to read any John Locke posts now......

    The problem is, he is pretty much the only one posting now. So, have others been worn down to the point of exhaustion? or are there other reasons the old guard Spurs fans have stopped contributing? Am I missing something? Is John a hugely clever Ar$e fan on a mission to destroy the Spurs board?

    I know its quiet on the football front and the usual hectic transfer window activity has finished but surely others want to talk about something. Or maybe not, perhaps I am just over reacting. Perhaps I am the only one that finds John's posts incredibly dull, repetitive, hypocritical, contradictory, statistic laden and confusing. If so, I apologise and I will sulk off back into the shadows from whence I came.

    I heard even the Reading board is busier, funnier and more interesting so I might end up pretending to be a Biscuit Man for a while!

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    • Here's my take Sfer...where's the bloody link to the board! If I didn't see the sidebar with a couple of board comments on it (I arbitrarily picked yours), I wouldn't have got in...I probably should just bookmark the board but just haven't. The link used to be placed along with the other links on each team page...ten it was in one drop-down list...then another...now its not in either of those...just disappeared without a trace...did find it accidentally one day, but haven't a clue where.

      So John Lock's not the reason as far as I'm concerned...its Yahoo!

      Next time in there probably wont even be the side bar.