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  • JEFFALL JEFFALL Sep 14, 2012 20:10 Flag

    Where has everybody gone?

    Evening fellow Yids!!
    John and Sfer included.
    Think the reason the boards been quiet at the moment, could be that maybe everyone's on a bit of a downer,due to lack of points on the board.
    I for one,was hoping for a flying start to the season,with a hard fought away win and 2 comfertable home wins.
    Whoopee 9pts.
    Sadly not be.
    3 games and only 2pts.
    Nothing better than reading and chatting about a team thats possible title contenders and playing sublime football rather than "shit,what the fcuk is going on".
    I think that everyone is still reading, but maybe not writing is
    1)because the're so sloooow at typing (like me) or.
    2)They just want to talk about how great our team is.
    Now STOP ARGUING you two, and keep posting the threads we all love to read and get involved with.


    PS Its friday. the Beer is flowing and i for one is looking foreward to our 1st away win

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