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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Sep 16, 2012 23:09 Flag

    reading- another awful performance

    Good game, Reading didn't offer much resistnace in the first half and should have been down by at least 3 by the half. The young un in their goal must have soiled his pants he was so nervous!

    Pretty much agree with SB on the players performance...Vert looked like he's setled in now and played very fluidly. Naughton wasn't too bad considering he's not really had a decent run out with is team in the league (I cringed when I watched the 'pool play yesterday and saw Sterling cause our Danny Rose to strain his groin when he set up the equalizer...he looked pretty good up until then).

    Second half was a bit more of a challenge, and I was thinking Gylfi off and Dempsey on...but Hudds got the nod which looked like AVB wanted to shut up shop (it was still 0-1 then no?). He's got to have more faith and more than that, understanding...this team is at h=its best going forward...sitting on one-goal leads is not our strong suit (as we've seen). Let the lads play AVB!

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    • Interesting how people have different perceptions to what they see..I thought they were good substitutions. Although Hudds is not everyone's fav, he can spot a pass, and it allowed Dembele to move forward. If it had been Livermore ( I know he wasnt on the bench ) then that would off been more a case off shutting up shop IMO. Dempsey for Bale? still an attacking threat, likewise Townsend for Lennon, so I didnt see it as defensive changes, more like the player's mentallity to drop deeper in last 20 minute's or so. If Daffy hadnt scored 2, I would off give Vertongen M.o.M, starting to settle, cool, calm, and classy.

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      • If AVB said to T'Hudd - 'ok, sit and hold with Sandro and tell Dembele to push on' and act as a QB - then I totally agree, as that gave the team the best of both worlds - T'Hudd's (long range) passing (he hit a gem out to the right wing), with the goal threat of Dembele. It just appears defensive - an attacking midfielder off and a defensive midfielder on.